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DeleteObject Detach DetachLink
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started programming video games in the early 1980s, a time when processing capabilities were incredibly limited, so game programmers like myself had to become experts in the art of code optimization. My old Apple ][+ had a whopping 64KB of RAM and a blazing 1-MHz, 8-bit CPU, so, needless to say, every byte of memory and every CPU cycle counted. Cutting just one instruction out of a sprite s drawing loop would make the difference between a game being playable and not being playable; therefore, a great deal of attention was paid to every single line of assembly code written. As CPUs evolved into the multicore, multigigahertz beasts that they are today, the need to eliminate every single unnecessary cycle became a thing of the past, but the iPhone is not a multicore, multigigahertz monster, so the need to focus on low-level optimizations has once again become a critical part of the development process.
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This is the simplest scenario, since the DataView object provides an easy interface to retrieve the list of columns.
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Figure 2-7. The contents of a feed a list of items
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Starting with Oracle Database 10g Release 2 and above, you may add a WRITE clause to your COMMIT statements. The WRITE clause allows the commit to either WAIT for the redo you generated to be written to disk (the default) or NOWAIT to not wait for the redo to be written. The NOWAIT option is the new capability a capability that must be used carefully, with forethought, and with understanding of exactly what it means. Normally, a COMMIT is a synchronous process. Your application invokes COMMIT and then your application waits for the entire COMMIT processing to be complete (what that entails exactly will be covered in detail in 9, Redo and Undo ). This is the behavior of COMMIT in all the database releases before Oracle 10g Release 2 and is the default behavior in Oracle 10g Release 2 and above. In current releases of the database, instead of waiting for the commit to complete, which may take measurable time since a commit involves a physical write a physical IO to the redo log files stored on disk, you may have the commit performed in the background, without waiting for it. That comes with the side-effect that your commit is no longer assured to be durable. That is, your application may get a response back from the database that the asynchronous commit you submitted was received, other sessions may be able to see your changes, but later find that the transaction you thought was committed was not. This situation will occur only in very rare cases and will always involve a serious failure of the hardware or software. It requires the database to be shutdown abnormally in order for an asynchronous commit to not be durable, meaning the database instance or computer the database instance is running on would have to suffer a complete failure. So, if transactions are meant to be durable, what is the potential use of a feature that might make them possibly not durable Raw performance. When you issue a COMMIT in your application, you are asking the LGWR process to take the redo you ve generated and ensure that it is written to the online redo log files. Performing physical IO, which this process involves, is measurably slow; it takes a long time, relatively speaking, to write data to disk. So, a COMMIT may well take longer than the DML statements in the transaction itself! If you make the COMMIT asynchronous, you remove the need to wait for that physical I/O in the client application, perhaps making the client application appear faster especially if it does lots of COMMITs. This might suggest that you d want to use this COMMIT WRITE NOWAIT all of the time after all isn t performance the most important thing in the world No, it is not. Most of the time, you need the durability achieved by default with COMMIT. When you COMMIT and report back to an end user we have committed, you need to be sure that the change is permanent. It will be recorded in the database even if the database/hardware failed right after the COMMIT. If you report to an end user that Order 12352 has been placed, you need to make sure that Order 12352 was truly placed and persistent. So, for most every application, the default COMMIT WRITE WAIT is the only correct option (note that you only need say COMMIT the default setting is WRITE WAIT). When would you want to use this new capability to commit without waiting then Three scenarios come to mind: A custom data load program. It must be custom, since it will have additional logic to deal with the fact that a commit might not persist a system failure. An application that processes a live data feed of some sort, say a stock quote feed from the stock markets that inserts massive amounts of time-sensitive information into the database. If the database goes offline, the data stream keeps on going and the data generated during the system failure will never be processed (Nasdaq does not shut down because your database crashed, after all!). That this data is not processed is OK, because the stock data is so time-sensitive, after a few seconds it would be overwritten by new data anyway. An application that implements its own queuing mechanism, for example one that has data in a table with a PROCESSED_FLAG column. As new data arrives, it is inserted with a value of PROCESSED_FLAG="N" (unprocessed). Another routine is
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Adding the Label controls is very similar to the process we used for adding the TextBox controls. Drag four Label controls from the Toolbox to the first column in the Grid. Select all four Label controls, and change the properties to the values shown in Table 35-1.
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The modifiers, if any, must be placed before the core declaration. The attributes, if any, must be placed before the modifiers and core declaration.
A query expression consists of a from clause followed by a query body, as illustrated in Figure 21-3. Some of the important things to know about query expressions are the following: The clauses must appear in the order shown. The two parts that are required are the from clause and the select...group clause. The other clauses are optional.
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