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(such as increased users) is added to an application. To get optimal performance that is, the fastest possible response time for a given user the ideal solution is to put the client, the logic, and the data on the user s machine. This means no network hops, no network latency, and no contention with other users. If you decide that you need to support multiple users, you might consider putting application data on a central file server. (This is typical with Access and dBASE systems, for example.) However, this immediately affects performance because of contention on the data file. Furthermore, data access now takes place across the network, which means you ve introduced network latency and network contention, too. To overcome this problem, you could put the data into a managed environment such as SQL Server or Oracle. This will help to reduce data contention, but you re still stuck with the network latency and contention problems. Although improved, performance for a given user is still nowhere near what it was when everything ran directly on that user s computer. Even with a central database server, scalability is limited. Clients are still in contention for the resources of the server, with each client opening and closing connections, doing queries and updates, and constantly demanding the CPU, memory, and disk resources that are being used by other clients. You can reduce this load by shifting some of the work to another server. An application server, possibly running Enterprise Services or Internet Information Services (IIS), can provide database connection pooling to minimize the number of database connections that are opened and closed. It can also perform some data processing, filtering, and even caching to offload some work from the database server. These additional steps provide a dramatic boost to scalability, but again at the cost of performance. The user s request now has two network hops, potentially resulting in double the network latency and contention. For a single user, the system gets slower; but it is able to handle many times more users with acceptable performance levels. In the end, the application is constrained by the most limiting resource. This is typically the speed of transferring data across the network but if the database or application server is underpowered, it can become so slow that data transfer across the network isn t an issue. Likewise, if the application does extremely intense calculations and the client machines are slow, then the cost of transferring the data across the network to a relatively idle high-speed server can make sense.
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To use the NoBot extender in your page, you can start with a couple of TextBox controls for user input signifying a typical form and an instance of the NoBot extender. In the following code segment, a method name is assigned to the OnGenerateChallengeAndResponse property.
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Table 5-6. Key Properties of the System.Net.HttpWebRequest Class
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Table 19-30. Stack<T> Members
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The counterpart to the Save method is the static Load method, which reads XML from a file, Stream, or TextReader and returns an XElement representing the root node. Listing 29-9 demonstrates reading the fragment.xml file generated in the previous section. Listing 29-9. Reading an XML File using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Xml.Linq;
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