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vector(size_t) vector(size_t, value)
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Indent() Unindent() WriteLineIf(bool, string) WriteLineIf(bool, object)
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Before you start migrating a native project so that you can extend it with managed types, you should consider what impacts this has. Using managed constructs in your project implies that your code depends on the CLR 2.0 at runtime and that the managed code parts are executed under the CLR s control. All services of the CLR can be beneficial if you know how to use them, but if you are not aware of these services, they can also imply pitfalls. For example, CAS may prevent you from running your code via a network share. In most cases, these pitfalls can be avoided (e.g., by modifying the .NET security configuration). Once you have finished these up-front considerations, you should follow the step-by-step instructions described in this chapter to migrate the project. Testing is an essential part of this migration because it allows you to detect scenarios that you have not considered up front. Once the project is migrated, C++/CLI s interoperability features allow you to call managed functions from native functions and vice versa. The functions used so far have had void as a return type, and no arguments. The next chapter covers how and why you can also use complex native types at the migration boundary.
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Many applications are located behind a firewall, which can cause complications when communicating with them. One way around this is network address translation (NAT) transversal, which takes care of various complications. In .NET 4.0, NAT transversal support has been added to TcpListener and UdpClient.
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Figure 1-8. Page fields for multiple consolidation ranges 6. Select the next range in the All Ranges list, and then repeat Steps 4 and 5. Continue until all the ranges have page labels.
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Figure 13-22. The Tracking Profile Editor environment
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Finding a Handler for an Exception
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Other important things you should know about static constructors are the following: A class can have both static and instance constructors. As with static methods, a static constructor cannot access non-static members of its class, and therefore cannot use the this accessor. Static constructors cannot be called by your program. They are called automatically by the system Before any instance of the class is created Before any static member of the class is referenced
Application Center Test
None of these concepts are unique to business objects they re common to all objects and are central to object-oriented design and programming.
Activating Email Search
You have already seen linear interpolation in action, since it is the only interpolation supported in from/to/by animations.
The struct keyword is described fully in 12.
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