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Csla.DataPortal puts the GlobalContext data from DataPortalResult into the client s Csla. ApplicationContext, thus ensuring that any changes to that collection on the server are reflected on the client. It then returns the ReturnObject value as the result of the call itself. You may use the bidirectional transfer of GlobalContext data to generate a consolidated list of debugging or logging information from the client, to the server, and back again to the client. On the other hand, if an exception occurs on the server, either within the data portal itself, or more likely within the business object s code, that exception must be returned to the client. Either the business object or the UI on the client can use the exception information to deal with the exception in an appropriate manner. In some cases, it can be useful to know the exact state of the business object graph on the server when the exception occurred. To this end, the object graph is also returned in the case of an exception. Keep in mind that it is returned as it was at the time of the exception, so the objects are often in an indeterminate state. If an exception occurs on the server, Csla.Server.DataPortal catches the exception and wraps it as an InnerException within a Csla.Server.DataPortalException object. This DataPortalException object contains the information listed in Table 4-8. Table 4-8. Context Data Contained Within Csla.Server.DataPortalException
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Getting a List of Fields
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public Type ObjectType { get { return typeof(MyBusinessClass); } } #endregion } This use of BusinessBase doesn t follow all the same rules as an editable root or child. For example, there s no need for the Factory Methods or Data Access regions and related code, because this object is never persisted like a normal editable object. It is just a fancy container for criteria values that supports data binding, validation, and authorization.
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Figure 14-3. Edit the project in Expression Blend.
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To ease down this paging task offered by PagedCollectionView, Silverlight has one dedicated control the DataPager control that does exactly the same task. The DataPager resides in the System.Windows.Controls namespace in the System.Windows.Controls.Data.dll assembly. Table 6-4 lists properties of the DataPager control. Table 6-4. Properties of the DataPager Control
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How It Works
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making our properties available outside our activity. If you read a lot of the Microsoft documentation, they will often call these promoted properties.
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Making the code do something useful is the hard part of an application. This isn t to say that creating the proper skeleton is simple. It s just that writing the details shows whether or not the application is actually working. It s like building a house in that it s easy to see the walls and consider the house as a house. However, a house doesn t become a home until the walls are painted and the floor laid. And until a house becomes a home, it has less value, typically a bit more than the property value. Writing the details of an application is known as implementing algorithms, some of which solve serialization or efficiency problems. In this chapter, you learned about modularizing algorithms. In most cases, when implementing the details of an application, you just write the code. But in fact, modularization and interfaces don t stop at some higher-level architecture. Modularization continues right down to the algorithm level, even though the modular pieces have module scope, not application scope. One way to modularize algorithms is to use functors. This chapter covered four types of functors, but you could define more. The four functors discussed represent the most common types. Functors are very important because they make it possible to implement algorithms that can be reused in multiple contexts. If you have never used a functor and are skeptical, try them you will be pleasantly surprised.
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s Note
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s Note There are commercial business rule engines and other business rule products that strive to take the business rules out of the software and keep it in some external location. Some of these are powerful and valuable. For most business applications, however, the business rules are typically coded directly into the software. When using object-oriented design, this means coding them into the objects.
Note The client will also have access to the WSE2QuickStartServer certificate and it will use its public
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