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Dealing with Common Behaviors and Information
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BindingSourceRefresh Control
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We live in a connected world. Wireless Internet (also known as Wi-Fi) access has become the rule, not the exception chances are you re already using Wi-Fi at your home or office. Now you can use it to connect your iPod touch. This chapter covers WLANs (wireless local area networks) and all the ways you can get connected or disconnected from these networks. You will also learn how to prioritize your networks and forget networks you no longer need.
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the LONG RAW is 32KB or less, as there is simply no method for dealing with LONG RAWs over 32KB in PL/SQL itself. Java, C, C++, Visual Basic, or some other language would have to be used. Another approach is to temporarily convert the LONG or LONG RAW into a CLOB or BLOB using the TO_LOB built-in function and a global temporary table. Your PL/SQL procedure could be as follows: Insert into global_temp_table ( blob_column ) select to_lob(long_raw_column) from t where This would work well in an application that occasionally needs to work with a single LONG RAW value. You would not want to continuously do that, however, due to the amount of work involved. If you find yourself needing to resort to this technique frequently, you should definitely convert the LONG RAW to a BLOB once and be done with it.
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<itemTemplate> <template layoutElement="resultsItemTemplate5"> <label targetElement="resultsItemDelimiter5"> <bindings> <binding dataPath="CategoryID" property="text" transform="XFormBreadCrumbDelimeter" /> </bindings> </label> <hyperLink targetElement="resultsItemLink5"> <bindings> <binding dataPath="CategoryID" property="navigateURL" transform="XFormSubcategoryLink" /> </bindings> </hyperLink> <label targetElement="resultsItemLinkText5"> <bindings> <binding dataPath="Title" property="text"/> </bindings> </label> </template> </itemTemplate> </listView> This control uses a binding called breadCrumbSource5, which is defined here: <dataSource id="breadCrumbSource5" serviceURL="<%= ResolveUrl ("~/WebServices/BreadCrumbWebService.asmx") %>"> <bindings> <binding dataContext="<%= navCategoryID.ClientID %>" dataPath="text" property="selectParameters" propertyKey="lowestCategoryID"/> <binding dataContext="<%= navDefaultDocumentTitle.ClientID %>" dataPath="text" property="selectParameters" propertyKey="defaultDocumentTitle"/> </bindings> </dataSource> This data source control defines its main data source as a web service at BreadCrumbWebService.asmx. It then binds the navCategoryID control and the navDefaultDocumentTitle control to the lowestCategoryID and defaultDocumentTitle fields returned by the selectParameters method on that web service. Now, back at the results5 control, you can see that the listView control binds itself to this data source and implements a template that renders a number of hyperlinks. These
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No Reverse Pro*C
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Notice that when you click any ListBoxItem, the background stays the same color The only thing you do see is a blue line appear around the ListBoxItem. This is a good thing, because without it we would never know when a ListBoxItem was actually selected. We could though, if we wanted, remove this functionality by editing the Focused State. Now you know what a Style is and how to create one. You also now know how to apply a Style to a control of the same type, and how to create a Resource Dictionary that contains your Styles that will be available to all XAML pages of your project. Finally, you have seen how Styles can be very useful in a real-world situation by giving you the ability to override a control s default Behavior by using a Visual State manager to set the control s properties, such as the Selected state of a ListBoxItem control. Now that you understand Styles, you can get back to your Button control and do some really fun stuff.
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Entry Type
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<asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="DropDownList1" EventName= "SelectedIndexChanged"/>
The Windows Data Protection API (DPAPI) allows you to encrypt and decrypt data using keys that are generated automatically by the operating system. This is useful if, for example, you want to encrypt data that only the current user should be able to decrypt. You don t have to worry about generating a key that
Automatic garbage collection is basically memory management. And it does exactly what the name implies: it takes out the garbage for you. (I wish I had one of these in real life just ask my wife, Shay). Okay, let s break it down: objects take up memory when they are instantiated (another fancy name for created ). Eventually, some instantiated objects will no longer be necessary. The garbage collector automatically finds and disposes of them, freeing precious memory. You can imagine how powerful this is in an application with hundreds (or even hundreds of thousands) of objects. It is worth noting here that some languages, such as C++, don t have automatic collection of garbage, so the programmer has to manually manage his/her garbage, and this can get quite cumbersome and have devastating performance effects if not done or not done properly.
An object is considered to be valid if it has no currently broken validation rules. The Csla. Validation namespace is covered later in the chapter and provides management of the business rules. The IsValid property merely exposes a flag indicating whether the object currently has broken rules or not: <Browsable(False)> _ Public Overridable ReadOnly Property IsValid() As Boolean Get Return ValidationRules.IsValid End Get End Property As with IsDirty, this property is marked with the <Browsable()> attribute so data binding defaults to ignoring the property.
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