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Converting to SPFILEs
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the StockTraderTypes DLL. In many cases it won t be possible to share the data type definition files between the Web service and the Web service consumer. For example, there will be cases where the service is built using .NET, and the consumer is built using Java. In this type of scenario, the Web service consumer would need to rely on the information provided by the WSDL in order to create classes that would store the values returned by the Web service calls.
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Figure 21-14. The containment structure of XML nodes Except for the XAttribute class, most of the classes used to create an XML tree are derived from a class called XNode and are referred to generically in the literature as XNodes. Figure 21-14 shows the XNode classes in white clouds, while the XAttribute class is shown in a gray cloud.
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The Asset Library
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If there is a top-level XElement node under the XDocument, it is the root of the rest of the elements in the XML tree. The root element can in turn contain any number of nested XElement, XComment, or XProcessingInstruction nodes, nested to any level.
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All Classes Are Derived from Class object
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vents and properties are special metadata components that are intended to make life easier for the high-level language compilers. The most intriguing feature of events and properties is that the JIT compiler and the execution engine are completely unaware of them. Can you recall any IL instruction that deals with an event or a property That s because none exist. To understand the indifference of the JIT compiler and the execution engine toward events and properties, you need to understand the way these items are implemented.
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C H A P T E R 19
1. Select the Gradient tool, as I am doing in Figure 6-50.
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