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System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine( string.Format( {0}:_OnMessageReceive, message = <{1}>", this.ToString(), message.ContentAsString() ) ); } private MessageQueue _GetXmlPayloadQueue() { _Initialization(); return _queueStorage.GetQueue(WorkerRole.XML_PAYLOAD_QUEUE_NAME); }
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Figure 10-8. Properties of the HandleToSupervisor activity
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Improving the Newsreader Experience
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[run time] The Implementation entry must be set to 0 or must hold a valid AssemblyRef or File token. [run time] If the Implementation entry does not hold an AssemblyRef token, the Offset entry must hold a valid offset within limits specified by the Resources data directory of the common language runtime header of the target file (if the target file is not a pureresource file with no metadata). [run time] The Flags entry must hold either 1 or 2 mrPublic or mrPrivate, respectively. [run time] The Name entry must refer to a nonempty string in the string heap. The table must not contain duplicate records whose Name entries refer to matching strings.
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Similar to fixed-point representation but includes separators between each group of three digits, starting at the decimal point and going left. Precision specifier: The number of decimal places. Sample: Console.WriteLine("{0 :N2}", 12345678.54321); Output: 12,345,678.54
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The key part of the Fetch5 program is highlighted. You call the setDefault() method of CookieHandler to install a handler. Unless there is long-term storage in the implementation, the first call to get the contents from a URL should have no locally stored cookies. The second call to get the contents will then have any cookies that were saved from the first run. To create a CookieHandler, you have to implement its two abstract methods, get() and put(): public Map<String,List<String>> get(URI uri, Map<String, List<String>>
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Object-oriented design has been around for many years. Unfortunately, there is no unified approach to doing OO design, and this often leads to confusion. Just because someone says he s doing OO design doesn t necessarily mean he s following a similar process to another person who also says he s doing OO design. Many people want to use objects primarily so they can use dot notation to get at their database. They want to write code like this: int qty = Customer[9].Order[4].LineItem[11].Product.Inventory.Quantity; Each object here is actually some table or data entity that is hopefully loaded automatically and efficiently when it is used. The dot-notation motivation for using objects is not a bad one, but it is not what most people consider object-oriented.
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he previous chapters first introduced you to workflow, then described the various activities that can be added to a workflow, and finally discussed custom activities. The previous chapters also covered how to interact with workflow from other applications. This chapter will bring together all the concepts learned in the previous chapters to build a real-world application: an Employee Performance Review workflow application.
// Abstract method // Derived class // Implementation of // abstract method
CookieStore used as a default (such as for long-term cookie storage between runs). You
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