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When inserting elements into the map, use a String for the key:
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17: LINQ
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Mapping collections and entity associations
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Continue program
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if (File.Exists("SomeFile.txt")) { // Play with the file }
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Dim trueBitmap As New Bitmap(50, 50) Dim canvas = Graphics.FromImage(trueBitmap)
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Getting to know session beans
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This returns the name of the bar code font, if configured. The BarcodePage form lets the user define a full sheet of labels. Not the labels themselves, but the positions of multiple labels on the same printed page. Figure 18-18 shows the fields on the form with some sample data.
e parameter 409 element adding to array 76 element wrapper 268, 287, 378 creating 289 292 elementInteger property 452 elementMayBeNull property 452 ElementReference attribute 346 elementType property 452 embedded resources 121 empty array 76, 85 object 75, 384 string 85 template 473, 481 EmptyBehavior class 280 EmptyControl class 287 emptyTemplate property 478 tag 475, 483 EnableAction 363 enableCaching attribute 455 enableCompression attribute 455 enabled property 405 EnableScriptGlobalization property 63 ended event 360
Total transformation: LightShow, version 2
Testing valueOne against valueTwo... Testing valueThree against valueTwo... ValueThree: 30 larger than ValueTwo: 20
After you have extracted the XML definition for the web part, you can choose where to store it. It doesn t matter where the XML is stored, just as long as it can be accessed for importing at a later time. Typically, if the web part definitions are not going to be made available outside the current application, they may be stored in either the file system or in a database. If they are going to be accessed by more than a single application, it would make sense to abstract the storage and retrieval of web part definitions behind a web service fa ade so that any application can access them. Regardless of where we choose to store the XML for our web part definitions, importing a web part simply means retrieving the XML. When we have the XML for a web part, it can be passed to the ImportWebPart method of the WebPartManager to create a web part instance. Once we have our web part instance, we simply use the WebPartManager again to add the web part to the page. Code listing 4.8 shows the code needed to perform an import operation:
stylesheet independently. This is not the best solution since we have to use two round-trips to perform the transformation. Our second option is to submit the entire page back to the server without the use of Ajax. The server in this case would handle the submission and combine the XML and XSLT documents on the server as we would do traditionally. This approach is better because it lets all users use the search. If a person is using an early version of a browser that does not support the XMLHttpRequest object, then that user can use the form. If we used the Ajax-only technique, the people without the ability to use Ajax would not be able to retrieve the two files for processing. Our second approach gives them the ability to use the form since Ajax is not required. In order to add this functionality, we need to make two changes to the LoadXMLXSLTDoc() function, as shown in listing 12.10. We must alter the first if statement to include a check for the XSLT processor. Then we must add an else statement to force the submit back to the server.
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