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aren t persistent; a transient object has a limited lifetime that is bounded by the life of the process that instantiated it. Almost all Java applications contain a mix of persistent and transient objects; hence we need a subsystem that manages our persistent data. Modern relational databases provide a structured representation of persistent data, enabling sorting, searching, and aggregation of data. Database management systems are responsible for managing concurrency and data integrity; they re responsible for sharing data between multiple users and multiple applications. A database management system also provides data-level security. When we discuss persistence in this book, we re thinking of all these things:
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The previous query looks for a single, unique Employee entity named Dave. The query is executed when the getSingleResult() method is called. This method expects that the call will return only one result. If no result is returned, the method throws a javax.persistence.EntityNotFoundException runtime exception. If more than one result is found, a javax.persistence.NonUniqueResultException runtime exception is thrown. Since both of these exceptions are RuntimeExceptions, the example code is not required to have a full try/catch block.
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<typeAlias alias="MapCacheController" type="com.domain.package.MapCacheController"/>
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The markup shown in listing 2.1 is going to produce a pretty boring and run-of-themill ASP.NET web page. The asp:Repeater q is bound to a collection of shirt data so that it renders a list of products available. The repeater renders your business data with the eval statements w.
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In this code snippet, you obtain a PdfGraphics2D object from a PdfTemplate. This makes it easier to position the chart on the page.
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AppFabric is arguably the most mature part of Windows Azure, at least if you measure by how long it has been publicly available, if not broadly announced. AppFabric started life as BizTalk Services. It was seen as a complementary cloud offering to BizTalk Server. BizTalk is a high-end enterprise-grade messaging and integration platform, and indeed the services fit into that portfolio well. Some joke that it was called BizTalk Services as a clever way to keep it a secret, because BizTalk is one of the most underestimated products Microsoft has. Just ask a BizTalk developer. When Windows Azure was announced at PDC 2008, the BizTalk Services were renamed to .NET Services. Over the following year, there was a push to get developers to work with the services and put the SDK through its paces. Out of that year of realworld testing came a lot of changes. When Windows Azure went live in early 2010, the services were renamed again to Windows Azure platform AppFabric to tie it more closely to the Windows Azure platform. Some people were confused by the older .NET Services name, thinking it was just the runtime and base class library running in the cloud, which makes no sense whatsoever.
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Name: Frilly Blue Shirt Description: A Frilly Blue Shirt
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configuration). Beyond these default properties, you can pass any property to the JNDI InitialContext object by concatenating the property name after For example, to set java.naming.factory.url and pass it to the InitialContext object, use the following syntax:
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We now have the results of our database query in an XML document, and we are going to navigate through its elements using JavaScript s DOM API. We can easily jump to a particular element in the document using a function called getElementsByTagName(). This function uses the element s name to look it up in the DOM, somewhat like the alphabetical tabs that stick out in an old-fashioned Rolodex. Since many elements in an XML document can have the same name, getElementsByTagName() actually returns an array of elements, in the order that they appear in the document.
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Android Native Development Kit
cb.setRGBColorFill(0x7C, 0xFC, 0x00); } else if (duration > 120) { cb.setRGBColorFill(0x8B, 0x00, 0x00); } else { cb.setRGBColorFill(0xFF, 0xA5, 0x00); } cb.rectangle(rect.getLeft(), rect.getBottom(), rect.getWidth() * duration / 240, rect.getHeight()); cb.fill(); cb.restoreState(); } }
This code snippet will work because Times-Roman is one of the font families that is supported by default by the font factory; so are all the standard Type 1 fonts. It won t work with other fonts, unless they are registered.
import org.hibernate.HibernateException; import org.hibernate.SessionFactory;
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Listing 8.5 The @Column annotation
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