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Programmers have long used the different bits in a single word as a compact way to represent a set of on/off flags for options. Enums offer a convenient way to implement this. The general steps are the following: 1. Determine how many bit flags you need, and choose an unsigned integral type with enough bits to hold them. 2. Determine what each bit represents, and declare an enum of the chosen integral type, with members representing each bit. 3. Use the bitwise OR operator to set the appropriate bits in a word holding the bit flags. 4. Unpack the bit flags by using the bitwise AND operator. For example, the following code shows the enum declaration representing the options for a card deck in a card game. The underlying type, uint, is more than sufficient to hold the four bit flags needed. Notice the following about the code: The members have names that represent the options and are set to the value representing the value of a particular bit. Decorating the enum with the Flags attribute is not actually necessary, but gives some additional convenience, which I will discuss shortly. [Flags] enum CardDeckSettings : uint { SingleDeck = 0x01, LargePictures = 0x02, FancyNumbers = 0x04, Animation = 0x08 }
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Though not mentioned specifically in the following use cases, I m designing this system to accommodate large numbers of users. In 19, for instance, the WPF UI will use the mobile object features of CSLA .NET to run the application in a physical n-tier deployment with an application server. This physical architecture will provide for optimum scalability. In 20, the Web Forms UI will make use of the CSLA .NET framework s ability to run the application s UI, business logic, and data access all on the web server. Again, this provides the highest scaling and best-performing configuration, because you can easily add more web servers as needed to support more users.
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Note You can also use output.Write(value.P0); because the Vector3 type is by default supported
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The final operation, and probably the simplest, is to delete an object from the database. The framework actually supports two approaches to deleting objects. The first approach is called deferred deletion. In this model, the object is retrieved from the database and is marked for deletion by calling a Delete() method on the business object. Then the Save() or BeginSave() method is called to cause the object to update itself to the database (thus actually doing the Delete operation). In this case, the data is deleted by the DataPortal_DeleteSelf() method. The second approach, called immediate deletion, consists of simply passing criteria data to the server, where the object is deleted immediately within the DataPortal_Delete() method. This second approach provides superior performance because you don t need to load the object s data and return it to the client. Instead, you simply pass the criteria fields to the server, where the object deletes its data.
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Person myPerson = new Person("Adam Freeman", "London"); // open the stream to the file we want to store the data in Stream outputStream = File.OpenWrite("person.xml"); // create the XMLSerializer XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(Person)); // serialize the object serializer.Serialize(outputStream, myPerson); // close the stream to the file outputStream.Close(); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } Listing 23-13 contains a Person class that has three changes from previous examples: the class is public, it contains a parameterless constructor, and the Serializable attribute has not been applied. When creating an XmlSerializer object, you must pass the type of the object that you are going to serialize. You can get this using the typeof keyword or by calling the GetType method on the object itself, like this:
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CRUD Operations in EF
Using the UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress, and Timer Controls
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