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Your data access code will <Transactional(TransactionalTypes.TransactionScope)> run within a TransactionScope from System.Transactions, automatically providing basic or distributed transactional support as required.
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Don t feel bad if you have never heard of variance. I hadn t either, before researching this chapter. At WebDD09 conference in the UK, I asked who was familiar with variance in a room of 120 developers to find just 3 people put their hand up.
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The RuleHandler delegate specifies that every rule method accepts two parameters: a reference to the object containing the data, and a RuleArgs object that is used to pass extra information into and out of the rule method. The base RuleArgs object has a PropertyName property that provides the rule method with the name of the property to be validated. It also includes a Description property that the rule method should set for a broken rule to describe why the rule was broken. Table 11-3 lists the methods in the CommonRules class.
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Table 38-3. Debug.Assert Overloads
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Figure 6-3. Static and non-static data members
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What this chapter covers:
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Figure 8-2. Select which type of condition to use in the Properties window.
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If you wanted to use Windows integrated security, you wouldn t need a login form because the client workstation already knows the user s identity. Instead, you would need to add a bit of code to MainForm so that as it loads, the CurrentPrincipal is configured with a WindowsPrincipal object. The following code shows how to detect the authentication mode and adapt to use either Windows or custom authentication appropriately: Private Sub MainForm_Load( _ ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles MyBase.Load If Csla.ApplicationContext.AuthenticationType = "Windows" Then AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetPrincipalPolicy( _ System.Security.Principal.PrincipalPolicy.WindowsPrincipal) Else DoLogin() End If If DocumentCount = 0 Then Me.DocumentsToolStripDropDownButton.Enabled = False End If ApplyAuthorizationRules() End Sub
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namespace ExampleParallelFor { class Program { static void Main( ) { Parallel.For( 0, 15, i => Console.WriteLine( "The square of {0} is {1}", i, i * i )); } } }
Listing 1-5. Looking Up Display Names for Time Zones
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