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Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation. Controls.Text
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The rest of the control template consists of a number of visual elements that, when combined, create the full appearance of a default button. You can edit these visual elements directly using
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The Func and Action classes are special types that allow you to use delegates without having to specify a custom delegate type. They are used throughout the .NET Framework. For example, you will see examples of both when we look at parallel programming.
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float or double to Integral
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{ // get the type of the actual business object // based on the nested class scheme in the book businessType = criteria.GetType().DeclaringType; } // create an instance of the business object return Activator.CreateInstance(businessType, true); } If the criteria object inherits from Csla.CriteriaBase, then the ObjectType property is used to get the business object type. Otherwise, it is assumed that the criteria object s class is nested within the business class, and so the DeclaringType property is used to determine the business class. In either case, Activator.CreateInstance() is used to create an instance of the business object, just as it was in the Create() method. Once the object s data is loaded using the DataPortal_Fetch() method, the MarkOld() method is invoked to ensure that IsNew and IsDirty are both false.
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WF4 has many excellent features and is much easier to use in VS2010. The move to integrate WCF and WF more closely is a sensible given the overlap of the two technologies. The introduction of the flowchart model and new activity types will make it easier to model many scenarios. It is somewhat disappointing that Microsoft have chosen to drop support for state workflow, which could leave some users with a lot of work to upgrade their code base. In conclusion I suspect that despite its many excellent features WF will remain a secondary technology due to its learning curve.
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What Can Windows Workflow Do for Me
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The enum keyword is used to define an enumeration, which is a type category in its own right in C#.
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AtomPub is the default format that is returned, and from WDS 1.5 you have control over how elements are mapped to AtomPub elements. Let s look at how to return results in JSON format using jQuery and then how to access an WDS service from a console application.
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CHAPTER 5: TanZen and Zentomino
Caution When you re doing this for real, you ll want to give your ASPX files unique names. They re going
Code Execution in the Method Body
ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> create or replace directory "my_dir" as "/tmp/" 2 / Directory created. ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> select dbms_lob.getlength(os_file) from t; DBMS_LOB.GETLENGTH(OS_FILE) --------------------------1056768 I recommend against using quoted identifiers; rather, use the uppercase name in the BFILENAME call. Quoted identifiers are not usual and tend to create confusion downstream. A BFILE consumes a varying amount of space on disk, depending on the length of the DIRECTORY object name and the file name. In the preceding example, the resulting BFILE was about 35 bytes in length. In general, you ll find the BFILE consumes approximately 20 bytes of overhead plus the length of the DIRECTORY object name plus the length of the file name itself. BFILE data is not read consistent as other LOB data is. Since the BFILE is managed outside of the database, whatever happens to be in the file when you dereference the BFILE is what you will get. So, repeated reads from the same BFILE may produce different results unlike a LOB locator used against a CLOB, BLOB, or NCLOB.
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