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In the previous example, you checked to see whether a field was present in your validation rules. This is useful, but for more serious applications, more sophisticated validation is necessary. In this example, you will see what is involved in applying multiple validation rules to a control to not only validate whether you have entered something into it but also to check the data type to ensure you have put in a numeric value and to check that the numeric value falls within a specific range. You can see the page in Figure 5-12.
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Though not visible in Figure 6-3, the Assign() method accepts a resourceId parameter to identify the resource being assigned to the project. Given this analysis, let s consider the behaviors and information required to assign a project to a resource basically the same process, but starting with a Resource instead of a Project.
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The FieldDataManager class itself is relatively complex. Each instance of this class is a child of a business object. Also, because the field manager is responsible for storing the values of the business object s properties, it must participate in the n-level undo process discussed in 11. Here s the declaration of the class: [Serializable()] public class FieldDataManager : IUndoableObject, IMobileObject
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The appearance of an ASP.NET Dynamic Data application is controlled by a series of templates. The template for the application home page is Default.aspx, and it is at the top level of the Visual Studio project. The templates for the screens for listing the contents of a table, editing a record, and so on, are in the DynamicData\PageTemplates folder. The name of the template tells you what the templates are used for: Details.aspx, Edit.aspx, and so on. In this section, we ll make a couple of template changes just to give you an idea of how it is done. First, we ll change the name of the application itself. It defaults to Dynamic Data Site, as you can see in Figure 34-27. This name is used on all the pages and is taken from a master template file called Site.master, changes to which affect all pages in the application. To edit this file, right-click Site.master in the Solution Explorer, and select View Designer from the pop-up menu. This will open a standard ASP.NET design surface so that you can make changes. I have edited the title at the top of the page to Northwind Data, as shown in Figure 34-28.
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Figure 11-16. Add a new item to your project.
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public class BookBinding { public BookBinding() {} public SqlDataReader GetBookList() { String sql = "select BookId, Title From Book order by Title"; SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection(WebStatic.ConnectionString); SqlCommand cm = new SqlCommand(sql,cn); cn.Open(); return cm.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection); } The default constructor is required so that the control can create an instance of the type. You could omit it from this code, because you have no custom constructors, but if you have a custom constructor on your type, you must explicitly add the default constructor, even if it does nothing (like the preceding constructor). The GetBookList serves as the select method of the binding operation. Here you re simply passing through a SqlDataReader. Using code like this, you re really using the ObjectDataSource to bind directly to a data access layer. This is still a vast improvement over putting the data access code directly in the markup, and it doesn t take much code do. You could call a stored procedure instead of using inline SQL, which would be even better. You can use this control to bind any of the controls listed in Table 11-2. Here you ll create a ListBox bound to the ObjectDataSource: <asp:ListBox ID="lbBookList" runat="server" DataSourceID="odsBookList" Width=600px DataTextField="Title" DataValueField="BookID" Rows=12 AutoPostBack="True" /> This renders a list of books displaying the title and carrying the BookID as the underlying value of the list items. It s really not much less code than it would take to do this in 1.x. The main differences here are that there s no code in the code-behind of our page (the BookBinding.cs file is in the app_code directory, but it could be in an external assembly), and the code that actually does the binding is contained in the ObjectDataSource control. In this example, that means the only thing you don t have to do is call DataBind. However, when you design and build an entire system using these controls, you ll likely get better reuse out of your object layer, and your individual page code will be much simpler. This strategy is also much more powerful when it comes to editing data, as you can bind to a business object layer and have your business rules enforced. Let s take a look at another declaration of an ObjectDataSource:
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class MyClass { public IEnumerator<string> GetEnumerator() { return BlackAndWhite(); } Returns an enumerator public IEnumerator<string> BlackAndWhite() { yield return "black"; yield return "gray"; yield return "white"; } } class Program { static void Main() { MyClass mc = new MyClass(); Use the instance of MyClass. foreach (string shade in mc) Console.WriteLine(shade); } } This code produces the following output: black gray white
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