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The double-thunking problem described in the context of native function pointers can also occur when managed virtual functions are called from managed code. Figure 9-9 shows an example.
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ICommandObject Interface
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Instance Field
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throw an error, so you will want to encapsulate it inside a try-catch structure.
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Receive Adapters
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The GridView control also has a CommandField column so the user can edit or remove assignments. Of course, remove in this case really means unassign, but those details are handled by the business object, not the UI. Finally, there s a LinkButton to allow the user to assign a new resource to the project. When the user clicks that button, the view is switched so that they see AssignView, where they can select the resource to assign. The layout of that view is shown in Figure 10-19. barcodecode39 read
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Because the data portal takes care of these details, you can simply use the state properties without worrying about maintaining them yourself.
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