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EF. In our convoluted example we will create a new property for our Film entity that will return the Film title and description separated by a space. 1. 2. 3. Right-click on the 8Model.edmx file and select Open With. Select XML Editor. Find the following section: <edmx:ConceptualModels> <Schema Namespace="BookModel" Alias="Self" xmlns:annotation="http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2009/02/edm/annotation" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2008/09/edm"> 4. Add the following inside the previous section: <Function Name="LongFilmDescription" ReturnType="Edm.String"> <Parameter Name="Film" Type="BookModel.Film"> </Parameter> <DefiningExpression> Trim(Film.Title) + " " + Film.Description </DefiningExpression> </Function> 5. Open Program.cs and add the following using directive: using System.Data.Objects.DataClasses; 6. Unfortunately LINQ to Entities doesn t yet know about the LongFilmDescription function, so we have to tell it by creating a static class decorated with the [EdmFunction] attribute to allow us to access it. Add the following code in Program.cs. public static class MDF { [EdmFunction("BookModel", "LongFilmDescription")] public static string LongFilmDescription(Film f) { throw new NotSupportedException("This function can only be used in a query"); } } 7. Once this is done we can now utilize our function in L2E queries as follows: var query = from f in ctx.Films select new { FullName = MDF.LongFilmDescription(f) };
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Fires when the input system reports an underlying drag event with the specific event as the potential drop target. The event occurs only if the AllowDrop property of that element is set to true. Event args class: DragEventHandler. New event in Silverlight 4. Fires when the input system reports an underlying drag event with the specific event as the drop target. The event occurs only if the AllowDrop property of that element is set to true. The Drop event is a bubbling event allowing multiple Drop events received by each object in a parent-child relationship in the object tree. Event args class: DragEventHandler. New event in Silverlight 4.
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Listing 9-7 provides the code for the custom SoapReceiver class, called StockTraderRequestReceiver.
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You want to create a camera that is able to rotate in every possible way to create, for example, a flight game. You will need rotations around three axes to do this, but because of Gimbal lock (each rotation has an impact on the other rotations), this becomes very difficult, if not impossible.
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use this option for the code examples in this book. The CLR Console Application option opens up a project set up as an application to be used from the command line. The final option, Windows Forms Application, provides a visual designer for creating Windows applications using the .NET Framework Windows Forms API.
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Finding More Places to Charge
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CHAPTER 7: Code Optimization with Mike Lee, the World s Toughest Programmer
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Custom Authentication
To supply a SOAP header, the consumer needs to create an instance of the SoapHeader class; in this case, that means CslaCredentials. This object has its properties loaded with appropriate username and password values, and it is then attached to the consumer-side proxy for the web service. To streamline this process throughout the client application, the code is centralized in a SetCredentials() helper method: private void SetCredentials(PTService.PTService svc) { PTService.CslaCredentials credentials = new PTService.CslaCredentials(); credentials.Username = usernameTextBox.Text; credentials.Password = passwordTextBox.Text; svc.CslaCredentialsValue = credentials; } First, a CslaCredentials object is created and loaded with values: PTService.CslaCredentials credentials = new PTService.CslaCredentials(); credentials.Username = "rocky"; credentials.Password = "lhotka"; Because the CslaCredentials class was exposed by the web service, Visual Studio automatically created a consumer-side proxy class for it, used here. The WSDL definition for the web service also indicated that there are web methods that require this as a SOAP header, so Visual Studio automatically added a CslaCredentialsValue property to the consumer-side proxy. To pass a CslaCredentials object to the server as a SOAP header, all you need to do is set this CslaCredentialsValue property! svc.CslaCredentialsValue = credentials; With that done, it becomes relatively easy to call a web method that requires authentication. For instance, the following code is called to assign a resource to a project: using (PTService.PTService svc = new PTService.PTService()) { SetCredentials(svc); try { // do the assignment svc.AssignResource( int.Parse(this.ResourceIdLabel.Text), new Guid(this.ProjectIdLabel.Text));
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