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public static void DeleteCustomer(int id) { DataPortal.Delete(new Criteria(id)); } The Criteria class used in the GetCustomer() method will either be nested within the business class, or must inherit from Csla.CriteriaBase. The former is the typical approach for classes written by hand, while the latter is intended for use with code generation tools. The purpose of a criteria object is to convey at least one piece of information from the client to the server. The only required piece of data is the type of the business object to be created, retrieved, or deleted. The data portal determines this either by looking at the class within which the criteria object is nested, or by retrieving a Type object from the criteria object in the case that it inherits from Csla.CriteriaBase. In reality, most criteria objects include other information to uniquely identify the specific object to be retrieved. In this Customer example, the customer s unique ID value is a number. A nested criteria class would look like this: [Serializable()] public class Customer : BusinessBase<Customer> { [Serializable()] private class Criteria { private int _id; public int Id { get { return _id; } } public Criteria(int id) { _id = id; } } } The same criteria class inheriting from Csla.CriteriaBase would look like this: [Serializable()] internal class Criteria : CriteriaBase { private int _id; public int Id { get { return _id; } } public Criteria(int id) : base(typeof(Customer)) { _id = id; } } Either way, the data portal can discover that the criteria object is looking for a Customer object, and so a Customer object will be created by the data portal. This will become clearer later in the implementation of Csla.Server.SimpleDataPortal.
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The lowest level blocks in the tree, called leaf nodes or leaf blocks, contain every indexed key and a rowid that points to the row it is indexing. The interior blocks, above the leaf nodes, are known as branch blocks. They are used to navigate through the structure. For example, if we wanted to find the value 42 in the index, we would start at the top of the tree and go to the left. We would inspect that block and discover we needed to go to the block in the range 42..50 . This block would be the leaf block and point us to the rows that contained the number 42. It is interesting to note that the leaf nodes of the index are actually a doubly linked list. Once we find out where to start in the leaf nodes (i.e., once we have found that first value), doing an ordered scan of values (also known as an index range scan) is very easy. We don t have to navigate the structure anymore; we just go forward or backward through the leaf nodes as needed. That makes satisfying a predicate, such as the following, pretty simple: where x between 20 and 30 Oracle finds the first index leaf block that contains the lowest key value that is 20 or greater, and then it just walks horizontally through the linked list of leaf nodes until it finally hits a value that is greater than 30.
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Using References to a Base Class
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To turn off and remove the block change-tracking file, you d use the ALTER DATABASE command once again: sys%ORA11GR2> alter database disable block change tracking; Database altered.
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In addition to Windows Azure Services and SQL Azure, Microsoft offers a number of other services such as Microsoft.NET Services and Windows Live Services.
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Figure 1-13. The Pipeline Editor
Extending C++ with .NET Features
Stream.CopyTo() allows you to copy the contents of one stream to another, avoiding some tedious coding: MemoryStream destinationStream = new MemoryStream(); using (FileStream sourceStream = File.Open(@"c:\temp.txt", FileMode.Open)) { sourceStream.CopyTo(destinationStream); }
are often configured using sticky sessions. Once a user starts using a specific server, the user remains on that server because that s where their data is located. This provides some scalability, because the processing load is still spread across multiple servers, but it provides very limited fault tolerance. If a server goes down, all the users attached to that server also go down. To enable a fully load-balanced web farm, no state can be maintained on any web server. As soon as user state is stored on a web server, users become attached to that server to the extent that only that server can handle their web requests. By default, the ASP.NET Session object runs on the web server in the ASP.NET process. This provides optimal performance because the state data is stored in process with the application s code, but this approach doesn t allow implementation of a fully load-balanced web farm. Instead, the Session object can be run in a separate process on the same web server. This can help improve fault tolerance, since the ASP.NET process can restart, and users won t lose their state data. However, this still doesn t result in a fully load-balanced web farm, so it doesn t help with scalability. Also, there s a performance cost because the state data must be serialized and transferred from the state management process to the ASP.NET process (and back again) on every page request. .NET allows the Session object to be maintained on a dedicated, separate As a third option, ASP server, rather than on any specific web server. This state server can maintain the state data for all users, making it equally accessible to all web servers in a web farm. This does mean that you can implement a fully load-balanced web farm, in which each user request is routed to the least-loaded web server. As shown in Figure 10-4, no user is ever stuck on a specific web server.
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