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class PlantData { public: static void PlantQuery(char* search, Recordset** records) { DBConnection connection; connection.Query( search, records); } // destructor for connection called }; A bit of a philosophical perspective is in order here. The stack and the heap have a historical origin in terms of how programming languages and memory models were implemented and evolved. There are significant life cycle differences between stack and heap objects. Stack objects are often short-lived and are freed up at the end of the block in which they are declared. They are fundamentally local variables. Heap objects could live for a lot longer and are not tied to any particular function scope. The design of C++/CLI is shaped by the idea that the notion of the semantics of a stack variable or a heap variable can be separated from the actual implementation of a given variable as actual memory on the stack or heap. Another way of looking at it is that because we have reference types that cannot live on the stack, we d like a way to have our cake and eat it, too. We d like reference types with the semantics of stack variables. With this in mind, consider the managed version of the preceding example. If you went ahead and implemented the native classes DBConnection and PlantData as managed types using a literal transliteration of the code, your code would look something like Listing 4-6. Listing 4-6. Accessing the Botany Database with Managed Classes // ManagedPlantQuery.cpp using namespace System; ref class Recordset; ref class DBConnection { public: DBConnection() { // Open the connection. // ... } Recordset^ Query(String^ search) { // Query the database, generate recordset, // and return handle to recordset. // ... }
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Date Extensions
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To execute externally defined rules within our workflows, we first need to retrieve them and then we can execute them. To do this and make this process flexible so that it can be used in multiple scenarios, we re going to create a custom activity to implement the following process: 1. Retrieve the serialized ruleset from the SharePoint document library. 2. Deserialize the ruleset into a ruleset object. 3. Execute the ruleset.
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There are four basic character string types in Oracle, namely CHAR, VARCHAR2, NCHAR, and NVARCHAR2. All of the strings are stored in the same format in Oracle. On the database block they will have a leading length field of 1 to 3 bytes followed by the data; when they are NULL they will be represented as a single byte value of 0xFF.
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Introducing the Bootable Runtime Environment
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Former Life As a Developer: I ve been developing games professionally since 1999, and independently most of my life. I ve worked on more than a dozen titles for various game systems, including Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, cell phones, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation. I founded Sykhronics Entertainment in late 2005. Previously, I worked at Big Blue Bubble, Digital Illusions, and Sandbox Studios. Life As an iPhone Developer: I created Smiles, a family-oriented puzzle game, and a personal iPhone Development Toolset, which is a custom cross-platform API that lets me work on Windows, Linux, and Mac machines. What s in This : Using the development of Smiles as an example, this chapter covers creating iPhone games that are cross-platform and portable. It demonstrates the concepts with a tilt-and-touch physics example. Key Technologies: Portable game code Game loops Event-driven operating system cooperation Unix time Frame skipping
The FLASHBACK DATABASE command was introduced to speed up the otherwise slow process of point-intime database recovery. It can be used in place of a full database restore and a rolling forward using archive logs, and it is primarily designed to speed up the recovery from an accident. For example, let s take a look at what a DBA might do to recover from an accidentally dropped schema, in which the right schema was dropped, just in the wrong database (it was meant to be dropped in the test environment). The DBA immediately recognizes the mistake he has made and shuts down the database right away. Now what Prior to the FLASHBACK DATABASE capability, what would probably happen is this: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The DBA would shut down the database. The DBA would restore the last full backup of database from tape (typically), generally a long process. The DBA would restore all archive redo logs generated since the backup that were not available on the system. The DBA would roll the database forward and stop rolling forward at a point in time just before the erroneous DROP USER command. The database would be opened with the RESETLOGS option.
Defining a Method-Specific Parameterized Type
That s it. All of our code is written and everything s ready. Go ahead and compile. It s about as exciting as last time, isn t it We have nothing but a DLL to show for our efforts (though it is a very nice-looking DLL). We covered deployment earlier in this chapter go ahead and flip back if you need a refresher, but the options are the old standards file system or GAC; the choice is up to you. We ll make use of this composite activity in 6 so I ll leave it until then to walk you through using it.
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