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When enumerating a jagged array, you work on the basis that it is an array of arrays and use a pair of for loops to enumerate the contents. You can also use a pair for foreach loops, one to enumerate the individual arrays and one to enumerate the individual elements. Listing 13-35 demonstrates using both kinds of loop. Listing 13-35. Enumerating the Contents of a Jagged Array using System; class Listing 35 { static void Main(string[] args) {
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public System.Collections.IEnumerator GetEnumerator() { foreach( Entry entry in _entries) { yield return entry; } } } The type Account derives from the type MarshalByRefObject, which is necessary if the type will be used to make a cross-AppDomain method call. The virtual methods Balance and Add are default implementations that manage bank account entries. The entries are stored in a Generics-based List type. The method GetEnumerator is a .NET 2.0 enhancement that iterates the bank account entries. All of the methods in the Account type are helper methods that make it simpler to define an account type. Regarding the necessity of the Account type to derive from the MarshalByRefObject type: this requirement is only necessary if the external servers will be executed in a remote domain. The MarshalByRefObject type indicates to the .NET runtime that when a type instance is being referenced across AppDomains, the type shouldn t be serialized. In contrast, the type Entry has a Serializable attribute, indicating that when an object instance is passed across AppDomains, the object instance should be serialized and instantiated locally. Adding a Serializable attribute to the Account type would defeat the purpose of plug-ins, as it means that the Account type would be instantiated in the local AppDomain. When a reference is used, the .NET runtime creates a proxy that delegates any method calls into the remote AppDomain.
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you to tag your session with a NetworkSessionProperties object so others can find it more easily. See recipe 8-3 for an example of this.
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The following code uses a static constructor to initialize a private static field named RandomKey of type Random. Random is a class provided by the BCL to produce random numbers. It is in the System namespace. class RandomNumberClass { private static Random RandomKey; static RandomNumberClass() { RandomKey = new Random(); } public int GetRandomNumber() { return RandomKey.Next(); } } class Program { static void Main() { RandomNumberClass a = new RandomNumberClass(); RandomNumberClass b = new RandomNumberClass(); Console.WriteLine("Next Random #: {0}", a.GetRandomNumber()); Console.WriteLine("Next Random #: {0}", b.GetRandomNumber()); } } One execution of the preceding code produced the following output: Next Random #: 47857058 Next Random #: 1124842041
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_id = max + 1; } return _id; } set { CanWriteProperty(true); if (!_id.Equals(value)) { _idSet = true; _id = value; PropertyHasChanged(); } } } If the Id property is read, and it hasn t been set prior to this point, the code loops through the objects in the parent Roles collection to find the maximum value for any existing Id property, and then it sets _id to that value plus one: Roles parent = (Roles)this.Parent; int max = 0; foreach (Role item in parent) if (item.Id > max) max = item.Id; _id = max + 1; Your first thought might be that this should be done in the object s constructor. The problem with that is that the Parent property in the base class isn t set to a valid value when the constructor runs.
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Simple assignment; evaluate the expression on the right and assign the returned value to the variable or expression on the left. Compound assignment; var *= expr is equal to var = var * (expr). Compound assignment; var /= expr is equal to var = var / (expr). Compound assignment; var %= expr is equal to var = var % (expr). Compound assignment; var += expr is equal to var = var + (expr). Compound assignment; var -= expr is equal to var = var - (expr). Compound assignment; var <<= expr is equal to var = var << (expr). Compound assignment; var >>= expr is equal to var = var >> (expr). Compound assignment; var &= expr is equal to var = var & (expr). Compound assignment; var ^= expr is equal to var = var ^ (expr). Compound assignment; var |= expr is equal to var = var | (expr).
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In the next chapter, we ll take a look at deployment. It s great that we can build these really cool messaging components, but if we re unable to move the projects out into the production environment, we will have worked for nothing. And so we ll explore the methodology behind deployment and take a look at some working examples.
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explanation of this approach and why it s a better fit for a distributed application. For now, simply remember this: SO addresses the unique characteristics and requirements of a distributed application in a cleaner way than distributed objects do. The problem today, however, is that most distributed technologies and tools favor the classic distributed object approach. Obviously, this makes a service-oriented approach much more difficult to implement than it should be. WCF addresses this situation by making SO a first-class citizen. Its primary focus is to provide the tools and infrastructure necessary to ease a developer s learning curve and implementation burden when applying a service-oriented solution. That said, WCF also supports the best practice use of distributed objects.
Assigning one struct to another copies the values from one to the other. This is quite different from copying from a class variable, where only the reference is copied. Figure 12-2 shows the difference between the assignment of a class variable and a struct variable. Notice that after the class assignment, cs2 is pointing at the same object in the heap as cs1. But after the struct assignment, the values of ss2 s members are the same as those of ss1. class CSimple { public int x; public int y; } struct Simple { public int x; public int y; } class Program { static void Main() { CSimple cs1 = new CSimple(), cs2 = null; Simple ss1 = new Simple(), ss2 = new Simple(); cs1.x = ss1.x = 5; cs1.y = ss1.y = 10; cs2 = cs1; ss2 = ss1;
Of the two camps, traditional vs. agile, those in the traditional camp prefer to have a solid design in place before writing a single line of code. Sometimes this is referred to as Big Design Up Front (BDUF) or the waterfall model. All relevant players (you, other DBAs, developers, project managers, and so forth) have come together and done, at least, the following: Created a complete list of system requirements Designed your logical entities that will store your database information Created an entity-relationship diagram (ERD) based on the logical entities Determined storage requirements Determined user concurrency requirements As a bonus, mocked up a few interface screens
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