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Visual C++ allows you to change the compilation model even within a single file. If you compile with /clr, you can use #pragma unmanaged to specify that the methods following that directive should be compiled to native code. Consequently, #pragma managed marks the beginning of a section of functions compiled to managed code. void fManaged() { /* ... */ } #pragma unmanaged void fUnmanaged() { /* ... */ } #pragma managed // managed compilation is the default if /clr is used
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the developer to set the relative or absolute positioning of child objects. Here you ll create a StackPanel and see exactly how it does this:
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Microsoft also supplies a tool called the Native Image Generator, or Ngen, which takes an assembly and produces native code for the current processor. Code that s been run through Ngen avoids the JIT compilation process at run time.
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The Panel Class
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With Oracle9i and above, there are two methods to manage undo in the system: Automatic undo management: Here, Oracle is told how long to retain undo for, via the UNDO_RETENTION parameter. Oracle will determine how many undo segments to create based on concurrent workload and how big each should be. The database can even reallocate extents between individual undo segments at runtime to meet the UNDO_RETENTION goal set by the DBA. This is the recommended approach for undo management. Manual undo management: Here, the DBA does the work. The DBA determines how many undo segments to manually create, based on the estimated or observed workload. The DBA determines how big the segments should be based on transaction volume (how much undo is generated) and the length of the longrunning queries.
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Managing Business Logic
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class Program { static void Main() { MyClass mc = new MyClass(); IIfc1 ifc1 = (IIfc1) mc; IIfc2 ifc2 = (IIfc2) mc; mc.PrintOut("object."); ifc1.PrintOut("interface 1."); ifc2.PrintOut("interface 2."); } } This code produces the following output: Calling through: Calling through: Calling through: object. interface 1. interface 2.
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// Implement string interface
Fires whenever a property of the ItemView control changes
MyDel mDel = mc.Add2; mDel += mc.Add3; mDel += mc.Add2; int x = 5; mDel(ref x); Console.WriteLine("Value: {0}", x); } }
11.12. Refreshing a Pivot Table on a Protected Sheet
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