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The typeof operator returns the System.Type object of any type given as its parameter. From this object, you can learn the characteristics of the type. (There is only one System.Type object for any given type.) The operator s characteristics are listed in Table 8-17. The typeof operator is unary. Table 8-17. The typeof Operator
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Instead, it would be ideal if there were one consistent entry point to the application server so that every client could simply be configured to know about that single entry point and never have to worry about it again. This is exactly what the data portal concept provides, as shown in Figure 2-14. The data portal provides a single point of entry and configuration for the server. It manages communication with the business objects while they re on the server running their data access code. Additionally, the data portal concept provides the following other key benefits: Centralized security when calling the application server A consistent object-persistence mechanism (all objects persist the same way) Abstraction of the network transport between client and server (enabling support for WCF, remoting, web services, Enterprise Services, and custom protocols) One point of control to toggle between running the data access code locally or on a remote application server
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Creating Your Own Locks
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Running the program produces the following output:
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Canvas is the simplest of all the layout controls. You can think of it as a rectangle or div tag in which you put content. Content added to a canvas is normally then positioned absolutely by setting the Canvas.Left and Canvas.Top properties. Canvas is unique from the other layout controls in that it is the only layout control that allows you to modify the Z index (or which elements on top of which).
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CHAPTER 5: TanZen and Zentomino
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Figure 4-7. Solution Explorer for the StockTrader SOA application, including a service agent
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The DataPortal_Fetch() method actually performs the authentication, verifying the user s credentials against the values in the database. In a real application, you should store passwords as hashed or encrypted values; but for a sample application, it is simpler to store them as clear text. The Criteria object passed from the GetIdentity() factory to DataPortal_Fetch() is the most complex in the application: [Serializable()] private class Criteria { private string _username; public string Username { get { return _username; } } private string _password; public string Password { get { return _password; } } public Criteria(string username, string password) { _username = username; _password = password; } } Of course, complex is a relative term. Obviously, there s nothing overly complex about a class that exposes two read-only properties. But this illustrates how the Criteria object concept can be used to pass complex criteria to the DataPortal_XYZ methods as needed. The DataPortal_Fetch() method itself accepts this Criteria object and calls the Login stored procedure created in 6: private void DataPortal_Fetch(Criteria criteria) { using (SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection(Database.SecurityConnection)) { cn.Open(); using (SqlCommand cm = cn.CreateCommand()) { cm.CommandText = "Login"; cm.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure; cm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@user", criteria.Username); cm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@pw", criteria.Password); using (SqlDataReader dr = cm.ExecuteReader()) { if (dr.Read()) { _name = criteria.Username; _isAuthenticated = true; if (dr.NextResult()) { while (dr.Read())
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Removing an Item
With that small code segment, the text box now has an input mask guiding the user through entering the data. The user can only type in nine numbers and nothing else. All other characters are completely ignored. The mask also helps the user by applying the appropriate formatting to the entered data. You can see this Figure 8-6.
judicious use of READ ONLY tablespaces and was willing to fully rebuild any READ WRITE tablespace that suffered a failure by reloading the data.
Client-Side DataPortal
Figure 5-25. You can now see the UserControl in the Objects and Timeline panel. Double-click the BallAndString UserControl in the Objects and Timeline panel and name it Ball01 as it is always good to name objects that are interactive. Now is a good time to talk about RenderTransformOrigin. The RenderTransformOrigin property sets the center point from which any RenderTransform Animation on the object will occur relative to the bounds of the object. By default the RenderTransformOrigin of any given UserControl will be in the center of the control. Thus, if we made an Animation that made this UserControl swing, the center of the Animation would be the center of the UserControl. In order to attain a convincing swing Animation, we need the center point to be at the very top center of the UserControl. To do this, follow these steps:
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