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10. Close the browser. 11. Now click one of the short cuts that has been created, and your application will load up running offline (see Figure 15-25):
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Enables your workflow to process based on events.
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requestValue = CarService.getCarValue(form1.txtMake.value, form1.txtModel.value, form1.txtYear.value, OnComplete, OnError); return false;
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Note The compiler does not provide detailed information about why the data storage generation failed.
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A StringBuilder object uses a char array to store the characters of the string it represents. This array will be resized as needed to accommodate the effect of building a string by adding characters. You can recommend an initial size of array for a StringBuilder object to allocate by providing an int constructor parameter, like this:
If you are following the steps in this chapter, then your only option for generating an interface definition file at this point is to partially generate it using xsd.exe and the XSD schema file. You have not yet defined the operations anywhere other than by design in the initial UML diagram in Step 1. So your next step is to use the UML diagram to manually add abstract class definitions to the auto-generated IDF. This is the approach I always take because it is far easier than the alternative, which is to generate WSDL by hand. Generating WSDL manually is prone to errors and takes far longer than it will take you to update a few lines in code, as is the case with the partially generated interface definition file.
Given this 5-layer logical architecture, it should be possible to configure it into one, two, three, four, or five physical tiers in order to gain performance, scalability, security, or fault tolerance to various degrees, and in various combinations.
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