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Examples of this enumeration being used in code are provided in various places throughout the samples in this chapter.
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Frequently, you ll want to evaluate an expression and add the results to the current value of a variable, as shown here: x = x + expr; The compound assignment operators allow a shorthand method for avoiding the repetition of the left-side variable on the right side under certain common circumstances. For example, the following two statements are semantically equivalent, but the second is shorter and just as easy to understand. x = x + (y z); x += y z; The other compound assignment statements are analogous: Notice the parentheses. // Equivalent to x = x * (y z) // Equivalent to x = x / (y z)
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Protected Internal Member Accessibility
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When writing code in VS .NET, the #Region directive can be used to place code into collapsible regions. This helps organize the code, and allows you to look only at the code pertaining to a specific type of functionality. All business collection classes will have a common set of regions, as follows: Factory Methods Data Access and so classes derived from BusinessListBase and ReadOnlyListBase will follow this basic structure:
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Objects and Timeline panel and drop it.
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Non-Generic Source Code Size
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limited object serializer formatter. It s like the BinaryFormatter, but is highly optimized for strings, arrays, and hashtables.
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Padding: A Boolean property that indicates whether or not extra space is added at the bottom of the form section. Can be used to make complex forms look less busy. Defaults to false. Interface rendered for false:
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Note Take your time to assure yourself that all triangles defined in Figure 5-16 are rendered as shown in
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in mind, though, that even currently supported specifications will continue to evolve in future releases of WSE. In some cases, this is because the specification is currently only partially implemented in WSE. At a more conceptual level, WSE currently exists to provide additional infrastructure support for SOA solutions, beyond what is already provided by the .NET Framework. Microsoft chose to put WSE on a different release cycle than its .NET Framework releases, so that it would have the flexibility to vary the release schedule. Recall that SOA is governed by a number of technology standards and specifications that are themselves going through changes. WSE has to be on a flexible release cycle in order to keep up with the newer versions of these technology standards. WSE is introduced again in 5 and is also the focus of the second half of this book, where we will cover the various WS- specifications in detail. WSE is what allows you to code several of the WS- specifications in message-oriented, service-oriented .NET applications.
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The STL/CLR deque Type
Figure 1-5. A complex process modeled as a state machine
Figure 2-57. The Search section of the Properties panel.
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