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The large control added to the design surface is a DataGridView control, and it will display our data in a table. The control automatically adds columns for each public property in the data type it will display. You can see that ours has added columns for each of the properties of the Employee class, starting with EmployeeID, LastName, and so on. In this section, we are going to format the control to change the columns it displays and the order in which it displays them. But first, we are going to resize the control. Click the smart tab icon (the small arrow at the top right of the control), and open the pop-up menu, as shown in Figure 32-22.
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13. So, go ahead and click on the MouseEnter State so the red line will appear around your
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SortedBindingList implements two overloads of ApplySort(), making it possible to apply a sort based on the string name of the property as well as by a PropertyDescriptor as required by IBindingList: public void ApplySort(string propertyName, ListSortDirection direction) { _sortBy = null; if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(propertyName)) { Type itemType = typeof(T); foreach (PropertyDescriptor prop in TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(itemType)) { if (prop.Name == propertyName) { _sortBy = prop; break; } } } ApplySort(_sortBy, direction); } public void ApplySort( PropertyDescriptor property, ListSortDirection direction) { _sortBy = property; _sortOrder = direction; DoSort(); } The first overload creates a PropertyDescriptor for the named property and calls the second overload. The second overload will also be called directly by data binding. It sets the _sortBy and
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// wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } The FileSystemWatcher in Listing 20-14 is set to only report on changes to files with the .txt extension. The statement that sets the Filter property is shown in bold.
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Figure 13-3. Default files of a Silverlight Business Application project The Silverlight Business Application project implements a web project with authentication and user registration RIA services and related data models. The Services folder contains authentication and registration WCF services, the Models folder contains related classes, and the Resources folder keeps related resources. See Figure 13-4 for the details.
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Figure 14-16. Cloning a value type array produces two independent arrays.
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The Data Access region in a child collection object is quite different from that of any root object like Project. Remember that the data portal never directly interacts with child objects, leaving it instead to the root object to initiate all data access in its children. In this case, that means that the
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Figure 10-14. Terms for an assembly s identity
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Table 10-3. Data Binding Interfaces for Collections and Lists
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Use an anonymous method or a lambda expression.
multiplied by these variables. These settings will strengthen the red component while weakening the other components, rendering the model as if it were the sunset. This is also useful as a simple post-processing effect!
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