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Whether your site is installing new software or your existing system is undergoing a software and/or hardware upgrade, it is important to know your hardware and configuration and what it is capable of.
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CHAPTER 3: Brightkite for the iPHone
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Wrap Up
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To reach this goal, we need to accomplish the following steps. 1. Move all code related to blob creation and deletion from the Default.aspx.cs code behind into the worker role as shown in Listing 3-14. In the _Initialization() method, we need to do the following: 1. 2. 3. Instantiate an instance of BlobContainer. Instantiate an instance of QueueStorage. Use the instance of QueueStorage to create a dedicated queue to listen to the blob create request message and register the event handler.
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}; public ref class ExternalUnrelated { void TestVisibility(Base^ base) { // only public can be accesed via Base^ Console::WriteLine("{0}", base->iPublic); } };
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Setting Up the Socket
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The class defines two events, DataPortalInvoke and DataPortalInvokeComplete: Public Event DataPortalInvoke As Action(Of DataPortalEventArgs) Public Event DataPortalInvokeComplete As Action(Of DataPortalEventArgs) Private Sub OnDataPortalInvoke(ByVal e As DataPortalEventArgs) RaiseEvent DataPortalInvoke(e) End Sub Private Sub OnDataPortalInvokeComplete(ByVal e As DataPortalEventArgs) RaiseEvent DataPortalInvokeComplete(e) End Sub These follow the standard approach by providing helper methods to raise the events. Also notice the use of the Action(Of T) generic template. This is provided by the .NET framework as a helper when declaring events that have a custom EventArgs subclass as a single parameter. There s also a corresponding EventHandler(Of T) template to help when declaring the standard sender and EventArgs pattern for event methods.
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If you run Lib4Client.exe in a debugger like WinDBG or the Visual Studio .NET debugger, you will likely see different behavior. Unless you have changed the default configuration, the execution of the debugger will stop as if it has entered a breakpoint, and the output window will show you the following text: <mda:msg xmlns:mda=""> <!-DLL 'C:\Data\Books\AppliedCPPCLI\sources\chapter9\lib5.dll' is attempting managed execution inside OS Loader lock. Do not attempt to run managed code inside a DllMain or image initialization function since doing so can cause the application to hang. --> <mda:loaderLockMsg break="true"/> </mda:msg> The breakpoint and the output are caused by a managed debugging assistant (MDA). MDAs are assertion-like constructs in the CLR and the base class library. There are various ways to turn MDAs on or off. Figure 12-3 shows how you can configure MDAs in Visual Studio 2005 via the menu item Debug Exceptions.
You added the Quantity field to the Values area, where it is displayed as Sum of Quantity. You d like to keep the Sum of Quantity in the pivot table, but you d also like to show the average quantity per order. This problem is based on the Stores.xlsx sample workbook.
Enter your Full Name, Skype Name, Password, and Email, and then decide whether you want to Get News and Offers by setting the switch at the bottom. Tap the Done button to create your account.
Figure 1-3. The five logical layers with a separate database server Other than the location of the data storage, this is identical to the single-tier configuration, and typically the switch from single-tier to 2-tier revolves around little more than changing the database connection string.
The IExtenderProvider Interface
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