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Implement QRCode in Java SCRIPTING AND JSR 223

Using Conditional Compilation
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Fortunately, in Oracle9i and later, we have external tables that provide almost all of the functionality of SQLLDR and, additionally, can do many things SQLLDR cannot. We saw a quick example of external tables in the last chapter on parallelism, when we used them to automate a parallel direct path load. We ll take a longer look at them in a moment. But first, I d like to finish up SQLLDR with some caveats.
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class Program { static void Main() { Method invocation MyClass mc = new MyClass(); Console.WriteLine("Hour: {0}", mc.GetHour()); } } Instance name Method name
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The Project class is an editable root class that represents a single project in the application. It will follow the EditableRoot template, as discussed in 7. This means that it inherits from BusinessBase, as shown in Figure 8-3.
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NOTE If your custom token manager does not work correctly, verify that it is properly registered in web.config, with correct type and assembly information. This is the most common reason issues may occur with the manager.
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What Are Structs Structs Are Value Types Assigning to a Struct Constructors and Destructors Field Initializers Are Not Allowed Structs Are Sealed Boxing and Unboxing Structs As Return Values and Parameters Additional Information About Structs
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Table 4-1. Pros and Cons of State Maintenance Locations in a Web-Based Application
.NET Framework Type Name
// Use type argument T.
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