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Figure 10-11. Choosing a data source for a GridView or DetailsView
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To further illustrate how to call PTWebService, and in particular to show how to deal with the custom SOAP header for authentication, the ProjectTracker solution contains a PTServiceClient project. This is a bare-bones smart client application that acts as a consumer for PTWebService. Figure 11-11 shows what the application looks like when running.
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Handling an Exception from a Trigger Method
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If you satisfy all three criteria, feel free to skip the index it is not needed and will slow down DML on the child table. If you do any of the three, be aware of the consequences. As a side note, if you believe that a child table is getting locked via an unindexed foreign key and you would like to prove it (or just prevent it in general), you can issue the following: ALTER TABLE <child table name> DISABLE TABLE LOCK; Now, any UPDATE or DELETE to the parent table that would cause the table lock will receive the following: ERROR at line 1: ORA-00069: cannot acquire lock -- table locks disabled for <child table name> This is useful in tracking down the piece of code that is doing what you believe should not be done (no UPDATEs or DELETEs of the parent primary key), as the end users will immediately report this error back to you.
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Design patterns are loosely described as time-tested, established solutions to recurring design problems. Formal design patterns are highly structured and follow strict templates. The design patterns that are presented in this book do not follow this rigorous format, but they are in keeping with the spirit of design patterns because they factor in industry-accepted practices for approaching recurring design problems.
First you need to import the .x or .fbx file into XNA Game Studio. As with images, you can do this by selecting the file in Windows Explorer and dragging it onto the Content entry below your project s name in the Solution Explorer of XNA Game Studio. Alternatively, you can right-click this Content entry in the Solution Explorer and select Add Existing Item, as shown in Figure 4-1. Next, browse to the .x or .fbx file, and select it.
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