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Listing 5-26. Controlling Activity Moves public override bool CanMoveActivities(HitTestInfo moveLocation, ReadOnlyCollection<Activity> activitiesToMove) { return moveLocation.MapToIndex() != 0; }
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{ lblRendered.Text = DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString(); } } This means that even though most of the markup for this page is pregenerated and cached in the memory of the web server, each request will have the most current date and time inserted where the Substitution element is declared. The extension to the output caching functionality provided by the post-cache substitution feature is a powerful facility that allows you to take a very fine grain of control over the performance of your pages. There s no reason you need to limit yourself to small pieces of markup when using this feature. Larger blocks of markup could be generated by the static method doing this work. Here s a sample method that s programmatically binding GridView and returning its rendered markup as a string. public static string GetData(HttpContext context) { GridView gv = new GridView(); DataTable dt = getAuthorsDataTable(); gv.DataSource = dt; gv.DataBind(); cn.Close(); StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(); HtmlTextWriter t = new HtmlTextWriter(new StringWriter(sb)); gv.RenderControl(t); return sb.ToString(); } Creatively combining output caching a post-cache substitution will be a technique you can leverage to super-charge the performance of your ASP .NET 2.0 web applications.
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So, for example, in Oracle 9i Release 2 and later you can partition a table by RANGE and then within each range partition, by LIST or HASH. Starting in Oracle Database 11g Release 1 and above, you go from two composite schemes to six. And in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and later, you have nine to choose from. It is interesting to note that when you use composite partitioning, there will be no partition segments; there will be only subpartition segments. When using composite partitioning, the partitions themselves do not have segments (much like a partitioned table doesn t have a segment). The data is physically stored in subpartition segments and the partition becomes a logical container, or a container that points to the actual subpartitions. In our example, we ll look at a range-hash composite. Here, we are using a different set of columns for the range partition from those used for the hash partition. This is not mandatory; we could use the same set of columns for both: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> CREATE TABLE composite_example 2 ( range_key_column date, 3 hash_key_column int, 4 data varchar2(20) 5 ) 6 PARTITION BY RANGE (range_key_column) 7 subpartition by hash(hash_key_column) subpartitions 2 8 ( 9 PARTITION part_1 10 VALUES LESS THAN(to_date("01/01/2008","dd/mm/yyyy")) 11 (subpartition part_1_sub_1, 12 subpartition part_1_sub_2 13 ), 14 PARTITION part_2 15 VALUES LESS THAN(to_date("01/01/2011","dd/mm/yyyy")) 16 (subpartition part_2_sub_1, 17 subpartition part_2_sub_2 18 ) 19 ) 20 / Table created.
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Table 14-2. Useful Members of the System.Exception Class
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Creating a Policy
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1.x Problem: Proxies Generate Fields and Not Properties
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File Locations
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public int NrOfItems { } public int NrOfUnreadItems {
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Figure 6-65. Select TheME from the dialog box.
CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
Figure 4-6. New Sequential workflow in C# Add the following code to the workflow (right-click, then View Code): public sealed partial class Workflow1: SequentialWorkflowActivity { private int IntCounter = 10; public Workflow1() { InitializeComponent(); } private void GreaterThan1Condition(object sender, ConditionalEventArgs e) { e.Result = IntCounter >1; IntCounter++; } private void LessThanEqual1Condition(object sender, ConditionalEventArgs e) { e.Result = IntCounter <=1; IntCounter++; } } Go back to the designer and set the Condition property of the two branches of the IfElse activity to point to the correct procedure that was just created. While within the designer, add a Terminate activity called TerminateError to the right side of the IfElse activity.
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