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If you open EmployeeDomainService.cs, you will see the methods that have been generated for us. For both of the entity types we selected, there are methods to get the data (GetEmployees and GetOrder), insert new entity objects (InsertEmployee and InsertOrder), update existing objects (UpdateEmployee and UpdateOrder), and, finally, delete objects (DeleteEmployee and DeleteOrder). There are two things of note. By default the GetXXX methods return all the data in a table. This can be a lot of data, and it can be worth filtering the data using a LINQ query in the GetXXX method. If you don t, you run the risk of transferring large amounts of data from the server to the Silverlight client, which may be more than the network or the client can cope with. The second thing to note is that the other methods (InsertXXX, UpdateXXX, and DeleteXXX) are filled out for you but that the changes to the data model are not made permanent in the database without a call to the SaveChanges method. See 30 for details of this method and how to apply it. We are only going to be working with the Employees data, which is why it s called the domain service class, but I wanted to show you how a single service class can be used to provide access to more than one kind of entity data.
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Requests that the UI provide a reference to the business object that is the data source Requests that the UI insert a new business object based on the data from the form Requests that the UI update a business object with the data from the form, based on the key value provided Requests that the UI delete the business object based on the key value provided
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We start creating the model by adding a new item to a Visual Studio project. Right-click the project item in the Solution Explorer window, and select ADO.NET Entity Data Model from the list of templates, as shown by Figure 30-1. The set of templates that you see in this dialog box will depend on the version of Visual Studio you installed and the language options you checked during the installation.
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Properties can also be declared static. Accessors of static properties, like all static members Cannot access instance members of a class although they can be accessed by them Exist regardless of whether there are instances of the class Must be referenced by the class name, rather than an instance name, when being accessed from outside the class For example, the following code shows a class with a static property called MyValue that is associated with a static field called myValue. In the first three lines of Main, the property is accessed, even though there are no instances of the class. The last line of Main calls an instance method that accesses the property from inside the class. class Trivial { static int myValue; public static int MyValue { set { myValue = value; } get { return myValue; } } public void PrintValue() Accessed from inside the class { Console.WriteLine("Value from inside: {0}", MyValue); } } class Program { static void Main() Accessed from outside the class { Console.WriteLine("Init Value: {0}", Trivial.MyValue); Trivial.MyValue = 10; Accessed from outside the class Console.WriteLine("New Value : {0}", Trivial.MyValue); Trivial tr = new Trivial(); tr.PrintValue(); } }
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Remember that IIS security runs first, and then any ASP.NET security is applied.
time set the EventName in the Triggers bucket to Loaded and the StateName to the MouseLeave State. This will make the Buttons and decorations fly off screen as soon as the application is loaded. Your Properties panel should look like what I have in Figure 6-83.
To add an event handler to an event, the handler must have the same return type and signature as the event s delegate. Use the += operator to add an event handler to an event, as shown in the following code. The method can be any of the following: An instance method A static method An anonymous method A lambda expression
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