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Windows Authentication
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You ve seen that explicit conversions have the possibility of losing data and not being able to represent the source value equivalently in the target type. For integral types, C# provides you with the ability to choose whether the runtime should check the result for overflow when making these types of conversions. It does this through the checked operator and the checked statement. Whether a segment of code is checked or not is called its overflow checking context. If you designate an expression or segment of code as checked, the CLR will raise an OverflowException exception if the conversion produces an overflow. If the code is not checked, the conversion will proceed regardless of whether there is an overflow. The default overflow checking context is not checked.
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color: {1, -7}", x.Name, x.color.Value);
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The IBindingList interface allows for removal of the sort. The result should be that the items in the collection return to their original order. This is handled by an UndoSort() method: Private Sub UndoSort() mSortIndex.Clear() mSortBy = Nothing mSortOrder = ListSortDirection.Ascending mSorted = False OnListChanged(New ListChangedEventArgs(ListChangedType.Reset, 0)) End Sub Removing a sort is just a matter of setting mSorted to False and clearing the various sort-related fields. Most important is calling Clear() on mSortIndex, as that releases any possible object references to items in the original collection. Because removing the sort alters the order of items in the view, the ListChanged event is raised to tell the UI that it needs to refresh its display of the collection.
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The most common approach today is for the applications to communicate via HTTP, but the SOAP data format can be transferred via email, MSMQ, raw sockets, text files, instant-messaging technology, or any other way that you can think of to get the data from one application to the other.
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To create a custom attribute, you create a class derived from System::Attribute. Consider the example in Listing 10-13. Listing 10-13. Creating a Custom Attribute // custom_attribute.cpp using namespace System; // This attribute is applied to custom attributes and indicates the targets for // the attribute, among other things. In this case, we accept the defaults. [AttributeUsageAttribute(AttributeTargets::All)]
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SoapHeader Attribute
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