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Using Cast and OfType Extension Methods
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Silverlight 4
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On the Toolbox, if you right-click, you will find an option called Add Tab (see Figure 6-2). Selecting this adds a new tab to the Toolbox. This tab has a text box where you can type in a new title. Call the tab Atlas, and you will see a new, empty tab with no controls in it (see Figure 6-3). To populate this tab with the suite of Atlas server controls, right-click it, and select Choose Items, which opens the dialog box shown in Figure 6-4. It may take a few moments if it is the first time you ve done this, because the dialog box will be evaluating all the references and type libraries for the .NET and COM controls. Make sure the .NET Framework Components tab is selected.
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To use a BackgroundWorker class object, you need to write the following event handlers. The first is required since it contains the code you want to be executed by the background thread, but the other two are optional, depending on the needs of your program. The handler attached to the DoWork event contains the code you want executed in the background on a separate thread. In Figure 22-2, this handler is named DoTheWork and is in a gradient-shaded box to illustrate that it s executed in the separate thread. The DoWork event is raised when the main thread calls the RunWorkerAsync method.
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Figure 2-17. HiCO.ARM9-Core module
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FieldData<T> Class
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Caution A blank cell does not cause problems with grouping, but use the Delete key to remove the text.
Figure 3-12. Collection of different button controls
Listing 3-4. The Interface Definition Class File for the RequestQuote Operation and Its Associated Types
Figure 12-12. The anatomy of an enum The modifiers for an enum are limited to the access modifiers (public, private, and so on) and new, which is used when you want to hide an enum defined in a base class. See s 6 and 9 for details of member hiding. The identifier for your enum is the name of the type and works just as the name for a class, struct, or interface. The base type allows you to specify the underlying type used to create the numeration; we ll return to this later in this section. The constant values are all given name, each separated by a comma (,). The names must be unique but can be any name that makes sense in your program. The convention for enumeration types and values is to use Pascal case; see 4 for details.
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