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The Id column is set up as the primary key, and it s of type uniqueidentifier, which is a Guid type in .NET. There are many ways to create primary key columns in tables, including using autoincrementing numeric values or user-assigned values. However, the use of a uniqueidentifier is particularly powerful when working with object-oriented designs. Other techniques don t assign the identifier until the data is added to the database, or they allow the user to provide the value, which means that you can t tell if it collides with an existing key value until the data is added to the database. With a uniqueidentifier, however, the business developer can write code to assign the primary key value to an object as the object is created. There s no need to wait until the object is inserted into the database to get or confirm the value. If the value isn t assigned ahead of time, the database will supply the value. Notice that the two datetime fields allow null values. The null value is used here to indicate an empty value for a date. The Description column is also allowed to be null. This isn t because of any business requirement, but rather because it is quite common for database columns to allow null values in cases in which they re meaningless. 8 will illustrate how to easily ignore any null values in this column. The Description column is of type varchar(MAX), so that it can hold a blob of text data. This field allows the user to enter a lengthy description of the project, if so desired.
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// Allow the type parameter to be // deduced. GenericFunction( 400 ); } As you can see in this example, the generic function is called by using the function name, possibly followed by angle brackets and the type arguments to be substituted for the type parameters. I say possibly because if type arguments are omitted, the compiler attempts to deduce them from the types supplied to the function as arguments. For example, if a generic function takes one parameter and the type of that parameter is a type parameter, and if the type of the object supplied is, say, String, the type argument is assumed to be String and may be omitted. The type parameter need not be an actual argument type; however, it must appear in the argument list or as the return value. It may appear in a compound type, such as an array, as in Listing 11-4. Listing 11-4. Using a Generic Array As a Parameter // generic_functions2.cpp using namespace System; generic < typename T> void GenericFunction(array<T>^ array_of_t) { for each (T t in array_of_t) { Console::WriteLine(t); } } int main() { array<String^>^ array_of_string; array_of_string = gcnew array<String^> { "abc", "def", "ghi" }; // Allow the type parameter to be // deduced. GenericFunction( array_of_string ); } While deduction works on compound types, it doesn t work if the type is used as a return value. The compiler won t try to deduce the generic type argument from the left side of an assignment, or any other use of a return value. When only the return value of a generic function is generic, or if the generic type parameter doesn t even appear in the function signature, the type argument must be explicitly specified, as in Listing 11-5.
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Caution WSE 3.0 test certificates should not be used in production applications. Their keys are wellknown, so they will not provide any effective security in production applications.
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X ---------1 ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> select * from t2; CNT ---------1 ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> rollback; Rollback complete. Here, we ran a block of code that ignored any and all errors, and the difference in outcome is huge. Whereas the first call to P effected no changes, this time the first INSERT succeeds and the CNT column in T2 is incremented accordingly. Oracle considered the statement to be the block that the client submitted. This statement succeeded by catching and ignoring the error itself, so the If error then rollback... didn t come into effect and Oracle didn t roll back to the SAVEPOINT after execution. Hence, the partial work performed by P was preserved. The reason this partial work is preserved in the first place is that we have statementlevel atomicity within P: each statement in P is atomic. P becomes the client of Oracle when it submits its two INSERT statements. Each INSERT either succeeds or fails entirely. This is evidenced by the fact that we can see that the trigger on T fired twice and updated T2 twice, yet the count in T2 reflects only one UPDATE. The second INSERT executed in P had an implicit SAVEPOINT wrapped around it.
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Both figures also show that the user is logged in with the name rocky, and there s a Logout button available on the menu bar. Look back at Figure 9-2 and notice how the user is allowed to edit the fields in the form. Now look at Figure 9-3, in which the user is not allowed to edit any of the fields.
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Serializing and Stacking the HybridDictionary
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the application through it when it is visible.
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Check whether the distribution among various child latches of the shared pool is uniform. If the distribution of gets and misses is skewed, meaning that a few child latches have much more demand than others in the shared pool, it may mean that those few subheaps are undergoing intense pressure. Listing 12-24 shows a situation in which just a few shared-pool child latches are acquired much more frequently than other child latches. Such a situation suggests higher activity in a few shared pool subheaps. Listing 12-24. A skewed distribution of gets for shared pool latch children select child#, gets , misses, immediate_gets, immediate_misses from v$latch_children where name="shared pool"; CHILD# GETS MISSES IMMEDIATE_GETS IMMEDIATE_MISSES ---------- ---------- ---------- -------------- ---------------7 280 0 0 0 6 280 0 0 0 5 280 0 0 0
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C H A P T E R 11
Already the problem has become more complex. The simple query in Listing 15-4 shows that two objects depend on the credit card details table that I have chosen as the target. The next step is to assess the privileges assigned to the two objects, to the function and the view. Run the get_tab2.sql script as shown in Listing 15-5.
For example, the following code creates two delegate objects one with an instance method, and the other with a static method. Figure 15-3 shows the instantiations of the delegates. This code assumes that there is a class object called myInstObj, which has a method called MyM1 that returns no value and takes an int as a parameter. It also assumes that there is a class called SClass, which has a static method OtherM2 with a return type and signature matching those of delegate MyDel.
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