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Figure 11-4. Specifying the WSDL
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The GetSourceProperties() method retrieves the list of properties from the source object: Private Function GetSourceProperties( _ ByVal sourceType As Type) As PropertyInfo()
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not the project folder on your development machine. Part of the work performed by the Publish wizard is to create and configure the application s manifest. If you take the copy from your project folder, it will not have this manifest information.
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I have to admit I had heard nothing but bad things about Entity Framework before I starting writing this chapter so I wasn t looking forward to it. However, after working with EF for some time I have to admit I really quite like it. I am cautious, however, with recommending its use, since Microsoft can be fickle with their data access strategies. I would consider that a mature open-source solution such as NHibernate probably has less chance of being dropped and has a large community around to support and offer advice. Thus it could be said that NHibernate is potentially a safer option from a future proofing point of view. In conclusion, while EF is not as feature-rich as some of its competitors, it is arguably easier to use, integrates well with other Microsoft technologies, performs well ( nhibernate-vs-entity-framework-a-performance-test/) and I heartily recommend you investigate it further.
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Figure 7-3. Smoke and Mirrors in theory and practice
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So the main advantage of Resolver One is that programmability is right at the heart of the spreadsheet model. IronPython is generally regarded as being a much nicer language than VBA. Python is a dynamically typed, cross-platform, open source, object-oriented, high-level programming language. Python was first released publicly in 1991, making it older than C#, and is widely used in many different fields. What do you think of the new dynamic features in .NET They re great, particularly for interoperating between C# and DLR-based languages. The dynamic features make this much easier. The dynamic keyword also makes creating fluent APIs possible (like the way you access the DOM using the document object in Javascript). This is particularly useful for DSLs. Duck typing is one of the features of dynamic languages that simplify architecture. I doubt that the dynamic keyword, will be used much for this however, as it doesn t gel well with the way most .NET developers use traditional .NET languages. Apart from your book (obviously), any recommended reading on Python or dynamic languages The Python tutorial and documentation is pretty good. Unsurprisingly they can be found from the Python website at There is an interactive online version of the Python tutorial created with IronPython and Silverlight at: For learning IronPython there is an excellent community resource called the IronPython Cookbook: For more general Python resources I recommend Dive into Python and the Python Essential Reference.
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Anatomy of a Business Object
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Now we have what I d call an instance. The background processes needed to actually run a database are all there, including process monitor (pmon), log writer (lgwr), and so on (these processes are covered in detail in 5). Let s take a look: SQL> !ps -aef | grep ora11gr2 ora11gr2 4447 4446 0 13:15 pts/1 ora11gr2 4900 4899 0 14:15 pts/2 ora11gr2 4904 1 0 14:16 ora11gr2 4906 1 0 14:16 ora11gr2 4910 1 0 14:16 ora11gr2 4912 1 0 14:16 ora11gr2 4914 1 0 14:16 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00 -bash /home/ora11gr2/bin/sqlplus ora_pmon_ora11g ora_vktm_ora11g ora_gen0_ora11g ora_diag_ora11g ora_dbrm_ora11g
< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <configuration> <appSettings> <add key="remoteHost" value="http://localhost/StockTrader/StockTrader.asmx"/> </appSettings> </configuration>
These additional steps provide a dramatic boost to scalability, but again at the cost of performance. The user s request now has two network hops, potentially resulting in double the network latency and contention. For a single user, the system gets slower; however, it is able to handle many times more users with acceptable performance levels. In the end, the application is constrained by the most limiting resource. This is typically the speed of transferring data across the network but if the database or application server is underpowered, it can become so slow that data transfer across the network won t be an issue. Likewise, if the application does extremely intense calculations and the client machines are slow, then the cost of transferring the data across the network to a relatively idle high-speed server can make sense.
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