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In general cases, the referenced unmanaged module must be located somewhere on the path. However, there is a special case when it s desirable to consider the unmanaged module as part of the managed assembly and deploy them together. In this case, the unmanaged module resides in the application directory (which doesn t have to be on the path); the prime module of the assembly must carry a File record associated with this unmanaged module. The binary flag values and the respective ILAsm keywords are as follows: nomangle (0x0001). The exported method s name must be matched literally. ansi (0x0002). The method parameters of type string must be marshaled as ANSI zero-terminated strings unless explicitly specified otherwise. unicode (0x0004). The method parameters of type string must be marshaled as Unicode strings. autochar (0x0006). The method parameters of type string must be marshaled as ANSI or Unicode strings, depending on the underlying platform. bestfit:on (0x0010). Allow best fit guessing when converting the strings. bestfit:off (0x0020). Disallow best fit guessing. lasterr (0x0040). The native method supports the last error querying by the Win32 API GetLastError. winapi (0x0100). The native method uses the calling convention standard for the underlying platform. cdecl (0x0200). The native method uses the C/C++-style calling convention; the call stack is cleaned up by the caller. stdcall (0x0300). The native method uses the standard Win32 API calling convention; the call stack is cleaned up by the callee. thiscall (0x0400). The native method uses the C++ member method (non-vararg) calling convention. The call stack is cleaned up by the callee, and the instance pointer (this) is pushed on the stack last. fastcall (0x0500). The native method uses the fastcall calling convention. This is much like stdcall where the first two parameters are passed in registers if possible. charmaperror:on (0x1000). Throw an exception when an unmappable character is encountered in a string. charmaperror:off (0x2000). Don t throw an exception when an unmappable character is encountered. The flags ansi, unicode, and autochar are mutually exclusive and so are the flags defining the calling convention. The name of the exported method can be replaced with the method s ordinal in the unmanaged module s export table. The ordinal is specified as a decimal number, preceded by the # character for example, #10.
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We are planning on upgrading to 10.2.0 and implementing Transparent Data Encryption to encrypt our credit card numbers in the database. But it looks like all TDE does is just to encrypt the data in the database at the column level but does not provide a way to limit access to the data at the column level One thing regarding TDE in 10gr2, I know it encrypts data and it is transparent, but does it do access control. Will it be able to restrict decryption to specific users But with TDE the data is still in clear text when you select it from the database...
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Core Data DataPortal DataPortal\Client DataPortal\Hosts DataPortal\Server Security Validation
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You may want to change how your contacts are displayed. Here s where you get it done; you can choose First, Last or Last, First. Tap the Display Order tab and choose whether you want your contact displayed in first-name or lastname order. Tap the Mail button in the upper left corner to save your settings changes.
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import java.io.*; import java.util.*; import javax.tools.*; public class SecondCompile { public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException { JavaCompilerTool compiler = ToolProvider.getSystemJavaCompilerTool(); DiagnosticCollector<JavaFileObject> diagnostics = new DiagnosticCollector<JavaFileObject>(); StandardJavaFileManager fileManager = compiler.getStandardFileManager(diagnostics); Iterable< extends JavaFileObject> compilationUnits = fileManager.getJavaFileObjectsFromStrings(Arrays.asList("Foo.java")); JavaCompilerTool.CompilationTask task = compiler.getTask( null, fileManager, diagnostic, null, null, compilationUnits); task.run(); boolean success = task.getResult();
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