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Unlike the membership provider, the Role Manager is not automatically enabled in the machine.config file. To enable role services for your web application, simply update your web.config file with the following <roleManager> element: <configuration> <system.web> <roleManager enabled="true" /> <authentication mode="Forms" /> </system.web> </configuration> As you would guess, the <roleManager> element can be decorated with additional attributes that fine-tune how the Role Manager operates. The .NET Framework 2.0 SDK Documentation provides all the gory details; however, the possible attributes are as follows: <roleManager enabled="true | false" defaultProvider="provider name" cacheRolesInCookie="true | false" maxCachedResults="maximum number of role names cached" cookieName="name" cookiePath="/" cookieProtection="All | Encryption | Validation | None" cookieRequireSSL="true | false " cookieSlidingExpiration="true | false "
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The declaration of a class can be partitioned among several partial class declarations. Each of the partial class declarations contains the declarations of some of the class members. The partial class declarations of a class can be in the same file or in different files. Each partial declaration must be labeled as partial class, in contrast to the single keyword class. The declaration of a partial class looks the same as the declaration of a normal class, other than the addition of the type modifier partial. Type modifier partial class MyPartClass { member1 declaration member2 declaration ... } Type modifier partial class MyPartClass { member3 declaration member4 declaration ... } // Same class name as following
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Figure 4-8 shows the two variables as they are stored in memory.
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Table 4-8. Key Events of MultiScaleImage
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Listing 9-7 highlights the following important points:
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If you violate any of those restrictions, one of two things will happen: either the statement will be performed serially (no parallelism will be involved) or an error will be raised. For example, if you already performed the PDML against table T and then attempted to query table T before ending your transaction, then you will receive the error ORA-12838: cannot read/modify an object after modifying it in parallel.
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The access path selected by the optimizer is crucial to the performance of the SQL execution. If a predicate of a query identifies only a few rows from a table, an index access might be beneficial. Likewise, if a predicate identifies many rows from a table, a full table scan might be more efficient. Following are some often fruitful avenues of investigation: Compare the cardinality estimates with the actual cardinality: Bad cardinality estimates of the optimizer often lead to suboptimal execution plans. Therefore, it is crucial to identify whether the cardinality estimates are close to the actual cardinalities. The simplest way to perform this check is to follow the steps in the Examining Execution Plans and Plan Statistics section of 9 to obtain output from DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY_CURSOR, or use one of the other methods in that section to obtain the actual execution plan along with Row Source Execution statistics. These statistics are generated when the parameter STATISTICS_LEVEL is set to ALL (preferably at the session level) or when using the GATHER_PLAN_STATISTICS hint. With the Row Source Execution statistics gathered, it is possible to compare the A-ROWS information (actual number of rows) to the E-ROWS information (estimated number of rows). If there are significant differences in the values, a bad cardinality estimate is present for the execution plan. Some of the most common reasons for bad cardinality/selectivity estimates are as follows : Outdated or unrepresentative statistics: See the preceding discussion about representative statistics.
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Figure 9-4. MainForm layout
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This chapter focuses on security, the vertical slice of any distributed application. Here you ll see how to keep assemblies secure and how you can leverage encryption in the .NET Framework, as well as some new security features in ASP.NET 2.0.
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The ProjectList and ResourceList classes are both read-only collections of read-only data. They exist to provide the UI with an efficient way to get a list of projects and resources for display to the user. On the surface, it might seem that you could simply retrieve a collection of Project or Resource objects and display their data. But that would mean retrieving a lot of data that the user may never use. Instead, it s more efficient to retrieve a small set of read-only objects for display purposes, and then retrieve an actual Project or Resource object once the user has chosen which one to use. The CSLA .NET framework includes the ReadOnlyListBase class, which is designed specifically to support this type of read-only list. Such a collection typically contains objects that inherit from ReadOnlyBase. Because these two read-only collections are so similar in implementation, I m only going to walk through the ResourceList class in this chapter. You can look at the code for ProjectList in the code download. The ResourceList class inherits from Csla.ReadOnlyListBase: <Serializable()> _ Public Class ResourceList Inherits ReadOnlyListBase(Of ResourceList, ResourceInfo) ReadOnlyListBase requires two generic type parameters. The first is the type of the collection object itself and is used to create the strongly typed Clone() method. The second is the type of the child objects contained in the collection: ResourceInfo. This is a separate class that implements simple read-only properties to expose the resource data. Let s quickly look at that class before continuing with the implementation of ResourceList itself.
While child objects are deleted within the context of the root object that s being updated, deletion of root objects is a bit different. The data portal supports two ways of deleting objects: immediate and deferred deletion.
Text Functions
This configuration will route requests to ICouldBeAnything.svc through to your service. Press F5 to run your application and change the URL to ICouldBeAnything.svc (for example, http:// localhost:52458/ICouldBeAnything.svc) and you should see the service metadata appear.
My project can be found at To see a video of the preceding exercise, you can go here: http://www.windowspres p=211. To see a video tutorial on how to use Joe Stegman's PNGEncoder go here: p=406.
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