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That s enough hypothesizing, for now at least. In the remainder of this chapter, I will take a more empirical approach, discussing why knowledge of the database and its workings will definitely go a long way towards a successful implementation (without having to write the application twice!). Some problems are simple to fix as long as you understand how to find them. Others require drastic rewrites. One of the goals of this book is to help you avoid the problems in the first place.
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For example, the following code declares four fields. The first two fields are initialized implicitly. The second two fields are initialized explicitly with initializers. class MyClass { int F1; string F2; int F3 = 25; string F4 = "abcd"; }
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If objects are abstract representations of entities or concepts that encapsulate both data and its related logic, what then are business objects
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However, if you look at the response time profile, you can clearly see that the majority of the time was spent doing 12,151 SQL*Net message from client calls. That call indicates that the database currently isn t doing anything, but rather is waiting to be told what to do. So can you guess why all those calls are being made It s due to the number of rows each FETCH call is limited to return in a single retrieval. In SQL*Plus, this value is set with a parameter called ARRAYSIZE. In this example, ARRAYSIZE was set to 2. That means that only 2 rows at a time are sent to the client. Because we had more than 24,000 rows to be returned, more than 12,000 network roundtrips were required to get the entire result set back to the client application. But would we really want so many round trips to happen What if ARRAYSIZE were set to a higher value If ARRAYSIZE was set to 100, for example, then 100 rows per FETCH call would be retrieved and sent to the client. Therefore, given that we have approximately 24,000 total rows to be returned, it would be necessary to make about 240 calls to do so. I can now forecast how much of a response time reduction I can get if I make this change. Roughly, if only 240 SQL*Net message from client calls are made instead of more than 12,000, I can estimate the time to make those calls will reduce from 0.52 seconds (12,151 calls taking 0.000043 seconds each) to approximately 0.01 seconds (240 calls). That s simple enough, and it looks like a significant response time difference. Listing 7-6 shows the response time profile for the same query executed after I changed the ARRAYSIZE parameter to 100. Listing 7-6. The Response Time Profile After the ARRAYSIZE Change Response Time Component ---------------------------------------SQL*Net message from client CPU service unaccounted-for SQL*Net message to client ---------------------------------------Total response time Duration --------0.14s 0.05s 0.01s 0.00s --------0.19s Pct -----70.1% 24.2% 5.5% 0.2% -----100.0% # Calls --------247 251 1 247 --------Dur/Call -----------0.000549s 0.000186s 0.010728s 0.000002s ------------
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Figure 6-1 illustrates the core components that build the DPWS stack. The core transport components are UDP with its multicast messages that are used for discovery and TCP/IP for data exchange. The messages are sent between a client and server with the HTTP protocol that sits on top of TCP/IP. All messages are in the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) format, which is based on XML and is used for common Web Services. Next, there are some core standards from the Web Services technology like WS-Addressing, WS-Security, and WS-Policy. On top of these basic components are the standards for discovery, metadata exchange, and eventing. These components and standards provide a common communication solution flexible enough to use for multiple domains, because you are able to build your custom vendor- or domain-specific protocols.
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The UndoChanges() method is the reverse of CopyState(). It takes a snapshot of data off the stack, deserializes it back into a HybridDictionary, and then takes each value from the HybridDictionary and restores it into the appropriate object field. Like CopyState(), there are Overridable methods called before and after the process to allow subclasses to take additional actions. The hard issues of walking through the types in the object s inheritance hierarchy and finding all the fields in the object are solved in the implementation of CopyState(). The structure of UndoChanges() is virtually identical, except that it restores field values rather than takes a snapshot of them. Since the overall structure of UndoChanges() is essentially the reverse of CopyState(), I won t show the entire code here. Rather, I ll focus on the key functionality.
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4. Switch over to Blend and add some visual elements to the application. The fastest way to do
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The .NET-specific extensions to the PE format have surprising similarities to databases. Like a normal database, assemblies contain tables. These tables are called metadata tables. Metadata tables exist for type definitions, method definitions, and many other abstractions. Like database tables, each metadata table has a column structure specific for the abstraction. The structures for all tables start with a 32-bit column called a metadata token. Such a metadata token can be compared to a primary key in a database table. To establish relationships between the different abstractions stored in metadata tables, an approach similar to using foreign keys in databases is used: the structure of various metadata tables contains columns that store metadata tokens of other tables. As an example, since there is a one-to-n relationship between type definitions and methods (a type can have an arbitrary number of methods), there is a column for the parent type in the metadata table for methods. The Managed Reflection API also contains classes for all kinds of abstractions that can be stored in the metadata of assemblies. These abstractions include type definitions, methods (global functions as well as member functions of a managed type), and fields (member variables). All these types are semantically bound together via has-a relationships. An assembly has type definitions, type definitions have fields and methods, methods have parameters, and
While the search is running in the background, you re free to do whatever you want in the Searching state. In this simple example, each time the Update method is called, a dot will be added to the last line that s being printed to the screen: case GameState.Searching: { log[log.Count - 1] += "."; } break;
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