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The HttpListenerResponse class contains a range of members that you can use to build the response to the client. Table 21-9 describes some of the most frequently used members.
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Figure 7-7. Using Shark to remotely sample on an iPhone
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Or, if the pivot table layout won t change, you could hide the Grand Total row, and then create formulas below the pivot table to total the columns.
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Private Sub New() ' prevent direct creation End Sub <Serializable()> _ Private Class Criteria Private mSsn As String Public ReadOnly Property Ssn() As String Get Return mSsn End Get End Property Public Sub New(ByVal ssn As String) mSsn = ssn End Sub End Class End Class Business objects will expose Shared factory methods to allow the UI code to create or retrieve objects. Those factory methods will invoke the client-side DataPortal. (I discussed this class-incharge concept earlier in the chapter.) As an example, an Employee class may have a Shared factory method, such as the following: Public Shared Function NewEmployee() As Employee Return DataPortal.Create(Of Employee)() End Function Notice that no Employee object is created on the client here. Instead, the factory method asks the client-side DataPortal for the Employee object. The client-side DataPortal passes the call to the server-side data portal. If the data portal is configured to run remotely, the business object is created on the server; otherwise, the business object is created locally on the client. Even though the business class has only a Private constructor, the server-side data portal uses reflection to create an instance of the class. The alternative is to make the constructor Public in which case the UI developer will need to learn and remember that they must use the Shared factory methods to create the object. Making the constructor Private provides a clear and direct reminder that the UI developer must use the Shared factory method, thus reducing the complexity of the interface for the UI developer. Keep in mind that not implementing the default constructor won t work either, because in that case, the compiler provides a Public default constructor on your behalf. Once the server-side data portal has created the business object, it calls the business object s DataPortal_Create() method, passing the Criteria object as a parameter. At this point, code inside the business object is executing, so the business object can do any initialization that s appropriate for a new object. Typically, this will involve going to the database to retrieve any configurable default values. When the business object is done loading its defaults, the server-side data portal returns the fully created business object back to the client-side DataPortal. If the two are running on the same machine, this is a simple object reference; but if they re configured to run on separate machines, then the business object is serialized across the network to the client (that is, it s passed by value), so the client machine ends up with a local copy of the business object. The UML sequence diagram in Figure 2-16 illustrates this process. You can see how the UI interacts with the business object class (the Shared factory method), which then creates a Criteria object and passes it to the client-side DataPortal. The client-side DataPortal then delegates the call to the server-side data portal (which may be running locally or
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allows your component to access the public fields of the main Game class, such as Game.GraphicsDevice and Game.Content.
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Data Warehousing and Global Indexes
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Figure 7-5. Hiding a field and a method of the base class
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Use unsafe casts** Include native header Include managed header #using managed assembly #import COM typelib/DLL Compile C code Floating-point control (__controlfp, etc.) std::set_terminate and SIGTERM Nonvirtual calls to virtual functions Command-line arguments in main Throw exceptions by value Pointer arithmetic on interior pointers Explicit keyword Export native functions (__declspec(dllexport)) Import native functions (__declspec(dllimport)) Custom alignment (__declspec(align)) __declspec(naked) #pragma unmanaged #pragma pack __based Structured Exception Handling
multiply the specular value with the color of your light.
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