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For example, let s say you ve set up the ReportViewer control during design time with the settings listed in table 11.1.
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ReportServer Web Service URLs URLs: http://BETAV1:80/ReportServer SS2K8 https://betav61:443/ReportServer SS... https://betav1:443/ReprotServer SS2...
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The word you select is shown.
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The cpSegmentShapeNew method is used to create four new line segments to define the sides of the screen area. The shape variable is reused for convenience, but it requires you to set elasticity (which is the same as restitution) and friction after each call to cpSegmentShapeNew. Then each shape is added to the space as a static shape via the cpSpaceAddStaticShape method. NOTE: In Chipmunk you will have to work with one-letter fields like e and u regularly. Personally, I find that this makes it hard to pick up Chipmunk because you don t immediately grasp the meaning of these fields and you have to refer to the Chipmunk documentation more often than necessary.
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When building Web Parts, the most common resources you should include are images, style sheets, and script files. In chapter 4, you briefly looked at how to add a CSS file to take advantage of the SharePoint themes in a Web Part. In this chapter, you ll follow up that discussion and look at all your options for including style sheets and other resources in your Web Part. Resources such as images and scripts can be included in a SharePoint solution in several ways. Let s review all your options:
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ControlBindingsCollection DataBindings property Binding Index into DataBindings collection:
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Cheat Sheet
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Character Generation Preferences
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These members will be used to update the dialog as the main window changes. In particular, we can use these members to create the dialog in the menu handler.
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Editing the report model in the designer is as simple as modifying properties.
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How to parse newsfeeds
Listing 27 Looking at locks that are causing problems
Listing 7.28 Not separating the assert from the thing asserted makes reading difficult
Probably the most used operator in AppleScript is the concatenation operator, &. To concatenate means to join together. AppleScript s concatenation operator can concatenate two strings into a third string, two lists into a third list, and two records into a third record. Other classes and combinations of operands will result in either a string or a list. The following sections describe concatenation and give a few examples of the concatenation operator; however, for more complete coverage, see the individual chapters dealing with strings and with lists and records ( 3 and 6, respectively).
But you can now use the identifier value as a query parameter:
Note A user with any rights to a container will also have subscription rights, which
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