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Beyond the operating system: taking PowerShell further
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CHAPTER 3: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
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to print out a simple string. Or you can use a more complex form of this method
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CHAPTER 24: Other Sync Methods
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First comes the header which we defined previously, followed by the coordinates, and then the three color components. We ll also need a datatype constant to identify this particular kind of packet:
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Let s discuss in more detail the first two logging options, starting with the Report Server execution log. 8.5.1 Analyzing the Report Server execution log By analyzing the historical log, you should be able to answer such questions as Which are the top requested reports by day, month, and user Which reports didn t execute successfully, and why How long does it take on average for a given report to execute You can set the Report Server to store report execution statistics in the ExecutionLog table. The execution log is turned on by default and keeps the log data for 60 days. You can modify these settings from the Site Settings menu in the Report Manager.
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CHAPTER 12: FaceTime Video Messaging and Skype
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Data binding with WPF
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NSMutableArray *carsCopy = [cars mutableCopy]; [carsCopy filterUsingPredicate: predicate];
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Two more commands in Standard Additions File Read/Write suite are open for access and close access. These commands open read and write access to files. As you can see in the following read example, for simple tasks the read command does not require that the file is first opened for access: read alias "Macintosh HD:some text file.txt" --> "Contents of the text file" Opening the file with the open for access command prior to reading it changes the scene a bit. When a file is opened for access, one of the things Standard Additions does is create an internal marker that determines the position in that file where the next read (or write) operation should start. To understand that better, imagine reading a book. When you start reading the book, you begin at page 1 and you read, say, five pages. When you put the book down, you insert a marker at page 5 so you ll remember where you stopped last time. The next time you pick it up again, you continue reading from the point of the marker, and as you read more, the marker advances. When you get to the end of the book, you close it and put it away. The same is true with reading a text file that has been opened for access; the only difference is that Standard Additions takes care of moving the bookmark for you. As an example, use TextEdit to create a new document, and type the alphabet: abcde...wxyz. Save the file as work.txt in your Documents folder, and close it. Now you will learn to write a script that uses the read command with the for parameter. Start a new script, and write what s shown in Script 14-5. Script 14-5. set the_file to alias ((path to documents folder as string) & "work.txt") open for access the_file repeat set the_text to read the_file for 4 display dialog the_text end repeat Now run the script.
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Exporting MOM Reports
Amazon has an extensive API for all its services, some of which are described in table 2.7. It has a SOAP as well as a simple HTML (GET, POST) form for its APIs. The company needs only a dozen and a half calls to request and configure virtualized hardware in the cloud.
iPads are very customizable. In this chapter we will show you how to move icons around and put your favorite icons just where you want them. You ve got up to eleven pages of icons to work with, and you can adjust the look and feel of those pages so it suits your tastes. Like a Mac computer or an iPhone, the iPad has a Bottom Dock where you can put the icons for your favorite apps. iPads come with four standard icons in the Bottom Dock, but you can replace these or add to them to have up to six icons always available at the bottom of your screen. TIP: You can also move or delete icons using iTunes on your computer. Check out our Bonus iTunes User Guide in 26 for more information.
CHAPTER 13: Playing Music
Most of the code examples contained in this book can be copied and pasted without modification into a console application for testing.
Between the redraw visualization and the cache visualization, you should have a good start on debugging any rendering performance issues in your application. Rasterization is an important process to understand in Silverlight, especially if you re creating an application, such as a game or media player, which is performance sensitive. Consider using cached composition and hardware acceleration to help you out but understand the limitations and where the point of diminishing returns lies for your application. The rendering process as a whole has a number of important steps. Of those, the key steps to understand are the clock tick, which increments all the animation and media counters; the per-frame rendering callback, which is useful for game loops and similar operations; and the rasterization process. One other important step we haven t yet covered is layout. Layout is important enough to require a more in-depth look than some of the other steps. In fact, of all of them, I d consider layout the most important step for the majority of Silverlight developers.
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