c# print barcode zebra printer Figure 7-21. Creating a new empty XIB for the custom table view cell in Objective-C

Maker data matrix barcodes in Objective-C Figure 7-21. Creating a new empty XIB for the custom table view cell

Name 240 241, 243 names expanded 320 local 320, 323 qualified 320 simplified 320 323 namespace 369, 416 collisions 458 imports 461 prefixes 320 321, 333 334 namespaces 320, 333 importing 461 and LINQ 109 System.Data.Linq.Mapping 39 System.Linq 24, 109 System.Linq.Expressions 105, 109 System.Xml 16, 29 System.Xml.Linq 24 native .NET types 372 nested queries 147, 183, 390 Nested.aspx 149 Nested.aspx.cs 148 .NET 2.0 24 .NET 2.0 CLR 20 .NET 2.0 runtime and LINQ 24 .NET 3.5 24 .NET Framework Class Library. See FCL .NET Reflector 75, 89 .NET, as extended by LINQ 83 85 .NET Framework 314 new keyword See anonymous types; collection, initializers; object initializers NHibernate 16, 442, 512 Nodes 324 NodesAfterSelf 324, 362 NodesBeforeSelf 324, 362 NodeType 327 non-sequence query operators 461 NonSequenceOperator.cs 462 normalization 13 Northwind 38
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Instead of merely listing these new language features and detailing them one by one, let s discover them in the context of an ongoing example. This will help us clearly see how they can help us in our everyday coding. We ll start with the simplest code possible, using only .NET 2.0 constructs, and then we ll improve it by progressively introducing the new language features. Each refactoring step will address one specific problem or syntax feature. First, let s get acquainted with our simple example: an application that outputs a list of running processes.
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CHAPTER 4: GUI Components
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[Test] public void BadlyNamedTest() { LogAnalyzer log = new LogAnalyzer(); int result= log.GetLineCount("abc.txt"); const int COULD_NOT_READ_FILE = -100; Assert.AreEqual(COULD_NOT_READ_FILE,result); }
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What was gratifying was how the community responded to all of this coverage. They reviewed the virus code and the security measures that the PowerShell team had designed into the product and saw that Danom presented no significant threat.
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Resources Styles Control templates Themes The similarities between Windows XP and a certain children s program
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Figure 3 8. Calendar sync setup (Apple Mac)
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This line of code shows how to load a multiscale image at runtime. If the referenced image can t be found, the MultiScaleImage object s ImageOpenFailed event will be fired. If the image is found, the ImageOpenSucceeded event will be triggered and the image will be shown. Once this happens, you may consider giving your user the ability to zoom in and out of the high-resolution image.
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One of the new features of .NET 3.x is LINQ, which stands for Language INtegrated Query, and adds querying capabilities directly to .NET. For instance, if we have a collection of values, such as
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User exampleUser = new User(); exampleUser.Firstname = "Max"; ICriteria criteria = session.CreateCriteria(typeof(User)); criteria.add( Example.Create(exampleUser) ); IList result = criteria.List();
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As your project develops and you add more classes, user interface files, and other components, each of them appears here. These two groups behave differently from the others in that you can control what appears here using wildcards or regular expressions. So, for example, if you just wanted .m files to be displayed in the Implementation Files group, you could set .m as your wildcard. To see your options for customizing these two groups, simply select one of them and choose File Info (or use I).
Partitioned table or b-tree index with two partitions
CHAPTER 30: Your iTunes User Guide
Table 2.6
LayoutTransforms are applied when the layout is calculated. The A was rotated, and
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