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Operating system Mac OS X Windows XP Windows Vista and Windows 7
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So, what tasks are involved in making correspondence chess (or pretty much any timeshifted, turn-based game) One thing is for sure you need a central server that stores all the user data and that each user interacts with. Although I had planned this feature all along, I hadn t thought about how to implement it or what components and technologies to use. So, to start, I had to define what tasks needed to be supported, which can be boiled down to the following list: Inviting a friend to a game Accepting the invitation Making a move Getting notified about new moves I ll deal with the three first items in this chapter and will keep them relatively simple in order to focus on the main aspects of implementing this solution. So, for example, when inviting a friend, Deep Green will allow you to pick a person from your built-in Contacts application as well as just entering a username or e-mail address. Instead of going into details about implementing a people picker, I ll simply assume you have the e-mail address at hand. Also, in a real-life solution, you d have to handle all sorts of security issues and error scenarios. What happens if there isn t a usable network connection available What happens if the user quits the application before it was able to send the request to the server What happens if your friend never receives the invitation or she changed her email address What happens if she declines the invitation How can the server know you re you, and not somebody who just knows your e-mail address Deep Green handles all such situations. In fact, a large portion of the time and energy that goes into designing a solution like this is spent on thinking about these odd scenarios and finding a good solution to them. But I won t talk too much about it here, because I d have to end the chapter before I d even get started on the more interesting parts. I will, however, touch on where and how I ve added support for these situations, where applicable. I ll now explain a little bit more about what each task involves before diving into the code.
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When you set a file s EOF, you in fact determine the new end of the file. Setting the EOF to a smaller number than it already is will permanently delete the data after the new EOF you set. For instance, if the text of a MacRoman file is I Love Christina, the EOF of it is 16 bytes. If you set the EOF to 12, you will find your file saying I Love Chris, which is still perfectly valid but may not be what you intended. On the other side of the coin, if you set the EOF to a larger number than it is, AppleScript will pad the end of the file with extra bytes, each one equivalent to ASCII number 0. These will appear in a text editor as invisible characters, but if you use the arrow keys, you can actually advance through them. The following script sets the size of the file Work.txt to 10 bytes: set the_file to alias "Macintosh HD:work.txt" set eof of the_file to 10 The following script takes the same file and discards the second half of it: set the_file to alias "Macintosh HD:work.txt" set byte_count to get eof of the_file set eof of the_file to (round (byte_count / 2))
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CHAPTER 5: Physics, Sprites, and Animation with the cocos2d-iPhone Framework
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The SCA can be made available over a secure port using SSL for remote access. To implement SSL, install a digital certificate on the server. You acquire server certificates from an outside certification authority or issue your own using Microsoft Certificate Services. The process of acquiring certificates from a certification authority is outside the scope of this chapter; however, Microsoft recommends some questions you should ask when choosing an authority: What are the initial costs, renewal costs, and other service costs Will the certificate be compatible with all supported browsers Will the certificate system serve IIS Web Server Certificate Wizard requests How secure is my installation Is the authority trusted Microsoft recommends some guidelines when opting for issuing your own server certificates. Note that Microsoft Certificate Services supports multiple certificate formats, auditing, and logging; however, integrating Certificate Services with existing security systems takes an investment in time. Following are Microsoft guidelines when assigning IP addresses, Web sites, and SSL ports to certificates: Cannot assign multiple server certificates per site Can assign one certificate to multiple sites Can assign multiple IP addresses per site Can assign multiple SSL ports per site Use either the Web Server Certificate Wizard or Certificate Manager (MMC Certificates ) to export and back up your server certificates. By configuring a certificate trust list (CTL), you manage which client certificates are to be accepted. CTLs are not available for FTP sites.
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You ll get a type conversion error. In effect, the type constraints on function parameters are really casts, and follow the type conversion rules described in chapter 3.
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The AngleToReal Method
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Listing 5.15 Invoking the ConditionalQuery method according to user input
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Figure 17 6. The Evernote Places view
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Members can import, export, create, and modify management packs in the MOM Administrator Console. Members can perform any task in the Operator Console. Members cannot modify the computers managed by MOM. Management server DAS account
CHAPTER 29: Troubleshooting
Listing 5.33 Using a subquery to find the book with the highest number of pages in a collection
1. Launch Site Manager and log on as channel manager. 2. Select the Channel icon to display the channel hierarchy. 3. Right-click the channel to edit and select Properties. 4. On the Rights tab, select Modify. 5. Next to Look in, select the user role from the drop-down list in the Select User Rights for Your New Channel dialog box. 6. Select the desired rights group and choose Add. Alternatively, select Add Parent s Rights to assign the same rights groups as the parent. 7. Select OK to save changes. 8. Exit Site Manager.
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//See the download samples for the implementation //All rules are ok, return an empty string return string.Empty; } #region IDataErrorInfo Members public string Error { get { return CheckRules("Name") + CheckRules("WebSite"); } } public string this[string columnName] { get { return CheckRules(columnName); } } #endregion }
C# defines the logical operators shown in Table 14-3.
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