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CHAPTER 13: Drawing in Cocoa
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Listing 6.7 Using the per-frame rendering callback
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The economics of cloud computing
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Danger, Will Robinson!
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If the consumer Web Part is connected using the IUrlConnection interface, the current ScriptManager is retrieved. If the ScriptManager is found, it s used to register B the control (AsyncTrigger) from the connection interface as an asynchronous postback control. This operation converts the functionality of the button into an asynchronous operation.
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Making Friends with nil
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When an element has focus, it becomes the primary target for any information entered through the keyboard. This target element must be a System.Windows.Controls. Control element because only Control elements can be given focus in Silverlight. You can give these elements focus by selecting them with the mouse, by tabbing to them through the keyboard, or via the Focus method. Regardless of your approach, the concept of focus is especially important within the realm of the World Wide Web. Web pages pose a unique challenge with focus because Silverlight plug-in instances are part of a larger ecosystem. In chapter 2, this ecosystem was shown to begin with an HTML document. This document may have multiple Silverlight controls or a mix of Silverlight controls and other control types such as Flash. In order for a Silverlight control to accept input from the keyboard on an HTML page with additional content, the Silverlight control itself must first have the focus. To accomplish this, you can use the following JavaScript:
Listing 12
his chapter covers Configuring MCMS 2002 components on a single computer Configuring the MCMS database Configuring the MCMS server Configuring MCMS 2002 in a multiple-computer production environment Configuring a multiple-computer production environment Installing additional MCMS components Installing Site Manager Installing Site Stager Installing Authoring Connector Activating the Web Author
This version returns null if the resource isn t found. If null isn t a supported value for the particular property, then we end up with an exception anyway. For brushes in general, this isn t a problem null means that the value isn t set, so go with the default behavior. Adding and updating resources is as simple as updating any dictionary. For example, to change the myBrush brush to a different color, we write:
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components on the same server). The server s Properties dialog box has three tabs: General, Logging, and Database Connection. The first tab, General (figure 8.14), displays the version of UDDI Services installed on your server as well as other general information, such as the date of the install, the location of the installed files, the .NET Framework version, and installed UDDI components. The next tab, Logging, lets you configure how information from UDDI Services is logged. As figure 8.15 shows, you can log events in two places: to the Windows Event Log or to a log file. When logging to each of these entities, you can choose from seven options: None Do not log anything Error Log major errors Warning Log errors that aren t considered major errors but that may point to a future problem FailAudit Log errors, warnings, and failed security attempts PassAudit Log errors, warnings, and both failed and successful security attempts Info Log errors, warnings, security audits, and the successful operation of an application, driver, or service Verbose Log all failed and successful events
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