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The Clean Shutdown Rule
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MyListViewComparer class within the MainForm class
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That was fun. Now let s archive this object. Implement Thingie s encodeWithCoder: like this:
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Memory configuration
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Using TVPs from client applications
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Figure 4.14 canvas.
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Here s a negative definition of the term cloudburst, by Nicholas Carr : [It is] the failure of a cloud-computing environment due to the inability to handle a spike in demand. Carr was reporting on some issues that came out of poor performance from Intuit s cloud; he said, The only way to do cloud computing efficiently is to share the cloud to establish a broad, multitenant grid (or a number of them) that balances the loads of many different companies. Otherwise, it ll be one cloudburst after another, [alternating with] a whole lot of underutilized capital assets.
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Listin g 15-5. Additions to an Automatic Thread-Safe FIFO Class
We could use the same approach regular expressions in PowerShell, which looks like:
CREATE THE PANEL AREA OF THE PHOTOEDITDLG FORM Action 1 In the PhotoEditDlg.cs [Design] window, modify the Text property for the new dialog to be Photo Properties. Add the four Label controls to the left side of the panel, as shown in the graphic. Resize the panel control if necessary. Set the properties for each label as shown. Note: In this step you are placing the controls inside the Panel, rather than inside the Form. This is an important distinction.
Namespaces are an important feature for wikis that are used by multiple groups or projects. For example, take our friend Nina from chapter 1. Nina s team works on multiple software products, each has its own installation guide, and each is going to want to use the wiki page name Installation Guide, but that is not possible unless the wiki is divided into namespaces. Wiki pages A wiki page is the fundamental unit of wiki content. A wiki page is simply a hypertext document that links to other hypertext documents in the wiki or to external pages on the Web. As you can see in figure 3.5, a wiki server can allow wiki pages to have attachments, user comments, trackbacks, and referrers, just as blog entries do.
var processes = Process.GetProcesses() .Where(process => process.WorkingSet64 > 20*1024*1024) .OrderByDescending(process => process.WorkingSet64) .Select(process => new { process.Id, Name=process.ProcessName });
SELECT [t0].[Title] FROM [Book] AS [t0]
a. For each child of the selected node, find the file associated with the node. b. If a match is found, return it to the caller. 7 If no match is found, return
We create a StackPanel b and set its grid positioning to be what we formerly used for the TextBlock Row 0, Column 0, spanning all four columns. Then we put the TextBlock into the StackPanel c, but we have to make a few changes. First, we set the foreground color to white and give the block a name (which we ll use later). Next, we set an explicit height for the TextBlock so that the text fills the control from top to bottom. Finally, we set the horizontal alignment to left so that the TextBlock is only as wide as the text it contains, instead of stretched all the way across the available space. We also add a Rectangle d to the StackPanel. By the nature of the StackPanel, it exists immediately below the TextBlock, although you won t currently see anything because it has no fill or border. We also set the Height explicitly, to be the same as the TextBlock. Figure 8.12 shows the way the top of the calculator now looks. Not too bad, but now we need to put something into our empty rectangle. We ve used solid brushes and various gradients before to paint the Figure 8.12 We ve added space for the reflection underneath the title text, but background of something. Now we re going to haven t yet put anything interesting there use another type of brush called a VisualBrush.2 to fill the space.
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