c# print barcode zebra printer Figure 7-14. Setting properties on the UINavigationItem in Objective-C

Creator Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C Figure 7-14. Setting properties on the UINavigationItem

However, there is still a slight problem. Choose a Consultant in the Manage Consultants window and make a change to either the first or last name. Oops... the change is not updated in the Journal Entries window. Why not The problem stems from the fact that you have created fullName as a dependent property. It is generated from the consultantFirstName and consultantLastName properties, but any changes to these need to be communicated using the Key Value Observing mechanism. This is a pretty advanced Objective-C topic and we are not going to discuss it in detail here (Hillegass (Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X, AddisonWesley, 2008) has a good chapter on this), but in summary we need to tell the other objects in the system that the value has changed and needs to be updated. Add the code shown in Listing 9 4 to consultant.m (put it at the bottom, just before @end).
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Listing 9.1
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Database identity with NHibernate
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At this point, we ve covered all of the items required to create an instance of the Silverlight plug-in. Remember that this plug-in has events that affect it and, in turn, your application. These events are onLoad and onError. We ll discuss each in detail in a moment. But, first, let s look at how to wire these event handlers up with a plug-in instance. This can be done in the createObjectEx function in the events subobject, as shown here:
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How to Remove or Install the SIM Card
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In Step 1 of the Subscription Wizard, choose the delivery extension.
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Sessions: remote control, with less work
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7.3.2 Using the ROME Fetcher
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<class name="Category" table="CATEGORY"> ... <set name="Items" table="CATEGORY_ITEM" lazy="true" cascade="save-update"> <key column="CATEGORY_ID"/> <many-to-many class="Item" column="ITEM_ID"/> </set> </class>
Figure 6 3. Configuration of an NSSlider for selecting an integer between 2 and 20
Figure 2 30. Passing a RegExp for a literal string to match() and search() Note, however, that, when JavaScript converts a string to a RegExp object, the g, i, and m flags, which we ll explore in 5, are not set. There s no way for JavaScript to save the day if we intended to pass /jack/ig but instead passed "jack" to match(), as Figure 2 31 displays: var incredibles = "Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack"; incredibles.match(/jack/ig); // ["Jack", "Jack"] incredibles.match("jack"); // null Note that match() conveys failure, which is to say no array of matching strings, by returning null. Remember from 1 that null conveys no value on the heap, in other words, no object, array, or function. That is why match() returned null instead of undefined.
CHAPTER 2: Typing Tips, Copy/Paste and Search
CHAPTER 3: Interface Builder
So, with childNodes and parentNode, you can move vertically within the DOM tree. But what if you want to move laterally Two Node members, nextSibling and previousSibling, provide a way to do so. Like human siblings, node siblings have the same parent. So in the markup, the four <li> Element nodes and five formatting Text nodes are all siblings. Click Clear in both Firebug panels, and try the following nextSibling sample: var myLI = document. childNodes[1]. childNodes[1]. childNodes[1]. childNodes[3]. // <ul> childNodes[0]. // <TextNode textContent="\n "> nextSibling; // <li> myLI; // <li id="twitter" class="sprite"> So here you went from the first formatting Text node contained by the <ul> to the first <li> Element node. Just as with childNodes and parentNode, you can chain nextSibling queries, too. Try the following cascade, and then verify your work with Figure 7 6. var myLI = document. childNodes[1]. childNodes[1]. childNodes[1]. childNodes[3]. childNodes[1]; myLI.nextSibling. nextSibling. nextSibling. nextSibling. nextSibling. nextSibling; // <li id="linkedin" class="sprite">
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