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The only built-in conversion dealing with structs is an implicit conversion from a struct to an interface that it implements. The instance of the struct will be boxed to a reference and then converted to the appropriate interface reference. There are no implicit or explicit conversions from an interface to a struct.
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Sorting the Elements in an Array
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#define MY_ASSERT(STATEMENT) do { (void)sizeof(STATEMENT); } while(0)
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Figure 17.14 The Display annotation in use on the DataGrid on the left and the DataForm on the right. At lower right is the Description property in a tooltip.
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Surfacing the .xap to the client via some URI Instantiating the Silverlight plug-in on the web page or within a hosting out-ofbrowser process
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where <FolderPath> is the path to the folder in the report catalog. Optionally, for faster performance, you can tell the Report Server that you mean to view the folder contents by using the ListChildren command. If you don t use this command, the Report Server has to determine the type of the resource being requested and uses the default command. URL-BASED REPORT ACCESS 345
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CHAPTER 7: Core Data Basics
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NSMutableDictionary *villain; NSMutableArray *villains; } @property (retain) NSMutableDictionary *villain; @property (retain) NSMutableArray *villains; (IBAction)takeName:(id)sender; (IBAction)takeLastKnownLocation:(id)sender; (IBAction)takeLastSeenDate:(id)sender; (IBAction)takeSwornEnemy:(id)sender;
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Listing 2
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Car *makeCar (NSString *name, NSString *make, NSString *model, int modelYear, int numberOfDoors, float mileage, int horsepower) { Car *car = [[[Car alloc] init] autorelease]; car.name = name; car.make = make; car.model = model; car.modelYear = modelYear; car.numberOfDoors = numberOfDoors;
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Car *car = [Car alloc]; [car init];
SizeChanged += new SizeChangedEventHandler(OnSizeChanged);
Chaining Initializers
Loan database The database contains the data for individual loan accounts. It also contains views of the bank s customer database. The loan database might be stored in SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, DB2, or some similar database management system. Data tier This is the data tier in an N-tier, client/server arrangement. The data tier uses ADO.NET to talk to the database system and it presents an objectoriented view of the data to the logic tier. In other words, it maps database records and fields to objects that represent customers, loans, payments, and so forth. We could use C#, or Visual Basic .NET, or some other .NET-compliant language to implement the data tier. Logic tier The logic tier contains the business rules. We can look upon this layer as the engine at the heart of the system. Once again, we can use C# or Visual Basic .NET, or some other .NET language here. Our choice of programming language is not affected by the language used to develop the data tier. Cross-language compatibility, including cross-language inheritance, means that we can pick the best language for the task at hand. The CLR and the CLS combine to ensure that we can freely mix and match languages, as required. Internal loan department applications We would probably choose to develop internal-use applications as traditional Windows GUI applications. Using typical client/server techniques, these internal applications would talk directly to
Sandbox Applications run in a secure environment that provides limited access to the underlying operating system. These limitations allow App Engine to distribute web requests for the application across multiple servers and to start and stop servers to meet traffic demands. The sandbox isolates your application in its own secure, reliable environment independent of the hardware, operating system, and physical location of the web server.
MPW stood somewhere between a pure command-line development environment and an IDE. It required a bit of a learning curve compared to other IDEs, but it was far more powerful and extendable; it also was a favorite among advanced developers and those who preferred a command-line interface for application development. If you are interested, MPW is freely available from Apple at http://developer.apple.com/tools/mpw-tools.
My objective, then, is to get each of you to a place where you can say: I have programmed a basic iPad MapKit app, and I understand how to move forward with confidence into more advanced territory.
Listing 2.4 A sample mobile page
set to SilentlyContinue, the associated output command produces nothing. Table 16.1 contains the list of commands.
-- Restore from Disk. Leave in NORECOVERY state for subsequent restores RESTORE DATABASE [AdventureWorks2008] FROM DISK = N'G:\SQL Backup\AdventureWorks.bak' WITH NORECOVERY, REPLACE GO -- Complete the restore process with a Differential Restore RESTORE DATABASE [AdventureWorks2008] FROM DISK = N'G:\SQL Backup\AdventureWorks-Diff.bak' GO
We get a detailed error message explaining that the object that was loaded is a wrapped object. Note that this is a non-terminating error message, so the object was still returned. Here s how to use it in a script. We don t want the error message to appear in the output of our script, so we ll redirect it to $null. Even when we do this, the $ variable, which indicates whether the last command executed was successful, is still set to $false so we know that an error occurred.
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