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The Client Object Model and Silverlight Web Parts
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Public Class DeleteExample Public Shared newID As Integer Public Shared Function whereCondition(ByVal p As Role) As Boolean Return p.ID = newID End Function
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After you insert the CD, you may see this screen pop-up, click Yes to Import into iTunes.
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SortedDictionary is an expensive data structure in terms of memory use and speed of insertion. In addition, we use TryGetValue during each loop iteration. The LINQ operators handle this scenario in a much more efficient way. The non-LINQ code can certainly be improved, but it will remain more complex in any case.
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CHAPTER 1: Particle Systems: More Fun and Easier Than You Think
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Now that you ve got a basic understanding of drawing in an NSView and manipulating its geometry, let s move on to a new project: LOLmaker. LOLmaker is a simple application that lets you create your own LOLcat-style imagery by just dragging in an image and typing the text you want it to contain. It s not rocket science, but it will introduce you to a few more issues around drawing in an NSView.
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The last method that you need to implement is GetToolPaneControl. This method returns a web control that s serves as the user interface when editing the property. This method needs to instantiate a WebControl that has the IToolPaneControl implemented. In the next section you ll create a control called SiteGroupsFilterControl and the code for this method should look like this:
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Using Particle Designer Effects
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What s important to remember when working with conditional statements is that when the script runs, the expression that lies between the word if and the word then will be evaluated and reduced to one thing: a value that is either true or false. Although the Boolean result may be simple, the logic used to arrive at it may be complex. Until now you have seen a simple Boolean expression, sodas_left > 0, which simply evaluates one number. Figure 10-5 shows a complex Boolean expression used in the conditional statement.
try { System.out.println("Party starting"); thread.start(); thread.join(); System.out.println("Party is over"); } catch (InterruptedException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } public void run() { System.out.println("partying..."); } } Objective-C @interface Party : NSObject { NSConditionLock *joinLock; }
As we calculated earlier, this array will take up 2,565,000 bytes of memory, whether we use the array to track 1 DVD or 5,000. If you know in advance exactly how many elements your array requires, arrays are just fine. In the case of our DVD-tracking program, using an array just isn t practical. For example, if my DVD collection consists entirely of a test DVD that came with my DVD burner and a rare bootleg of Gilligan s Island outtakes, a 5,000 struct
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