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12.2 The Technorati API
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As we discussed earlier, a lot of activity can occur in tempdb. In some cases, you can take steps to reduce SQL Server use of tempdb, helping to boost overall SQL Server performance. Although this is not a comprehensive list, here are some actions you may want to avoid: Using user-created temp tables. Often, I have seen T-SQL code that creates temp tables unnecessarily when the code could have been written to perform the same task without using temp tables. If you have to use a temp table, and the table has several thousand rows and is accessed frequently, consider adding an index to the table to boost performance of queries that are run against it. You may have to experiment with indexing to see if it helps or hurts overall performance. Scheduling jobs, such as DBCC CHECKDB, that use tempdb heavily, at times of the day when the SQL Server instance is busy. Using static- and keyset-driven cursors. In many cases, cursors can be avoided by rewriting the code. Using recursive common table expression queries. If the execution plan for such a query shows a spool operator, then you know that tempdb is being used to execute it. Using the SORT_IN_TEMPDB option when creating or rebuilding an index. Or if you decide to use this option, schedule the job to run during a less busy time of the day. Using online index rebuilding (Enterprise Edition), which uses row versioning and, in turn, uses tempdb. Using large object data types. Using table variables.
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Task 8-15. Modifying IIS Timeout Connection
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Loading Videos onto Your iPad
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Welcome to Mac OS X
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in the connection request. For example, to connect to a SQL Server instance called SALES running on port 49153 on the BNE-SQL-PR-01 server, we d connect using
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That s it, your app is set up for use with Game Center.
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As with blog servers, there are many varieties of wiki servers, and most are more similar than they are different. So let s apply the seen one, seen them all rule again and learn about wikis by examining a typical wiki server, starting with features. A wiki server generally supports the following set of features:
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Monitoring and automation
Introducing SharePoint 2010 Web Parts
Since anybody in the chat channel can issue commands to the chatbot, you should be careful. Let s discuss some guidelines for using Chat Blogger. First, you should establish a blog especially for your Chat Blogger. You probably don t want random chat participants posting to your personal or corporate blog. The Chat Blogger s blog should be clearly labeled so that readers know it is not the work of one individual author. Second, unless you have a private, password-protected chat channel, you ll probably want to accompany the Chat Blogger by logging in to the same chat channels the Chat Blogger does. If somebody commands Chat Blogger to exit, you ll want to be there to restart it.
The ThreadStart delegate performs a duty similar to that of the Runnable interface. Recall that the ThreadStart delegate is used to associate a method with an instance of the Thread class. That method can be static, belong to the current instance of the class, or belong to some other class. The run method of the instance of the class that supports the Runnable interface cannot be static. This means it must be an instance method. To state the obvious, that method must belong to the class that supports the Runnable interface. All this means is that the J# approach is slightly more restrictive than the delegate-based approach used by the framework. Since J# is a .NET language, there s no reason that the System.Threading.Thread class can t be used. Most likely the Runnable approach will be used when porting Java source code to the .NET environment.
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Suppose that you want to know if an AutoResetEvent object is signaled. One way you could do this is to call WaitOne on it, passing in zero for the wait time. If the AutoResetEvent were not signaled, it would return false. If it were signaled, it would return true. The problem is that when an AutoResetEvent is signaled and a wait is performed on it, the object automatically switches to being not signaled. This means that if one thread were inspecting the state of things it would change them by observing them. To address this and similar issues, we can use ManualResetEvent. As the name indicates, the state of the event does not change when it is waited on. The behavior can be thought of as being similar to a water faucet. When turned on, it will stay on until it is turned off. This contrasts with the AutoResetEvent, which turns itself off as soon as someone notices that it is on.
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12. Now, it s time to open Interface Builder. Rather than opening the
In general, when the compiler encounters an assignment statement where it expects a variable, it first completes the assignment, and then passes on the result of the assignment as if it were a variable. Let s see this technique in action. In main.c, our friend the postfix operator emerges again. Just prior to the two calls of printf(), myInt has a value of 5. The first of the two printf() s increments the value of myInt using postfix notation:
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