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Attach ECC200 in Objective-C Improving Application Responsiveness

CHAPTER 8: How iTap Tackles the Challenges of Networking
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ReleaseLock is a method on the ReaderWriterLock that releases all currently held locks and stores the state information to a LockCookie structure for later restoration using the RestoreLock method.
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10.1 Backup types
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How does SQL Server 2008 solve these problems
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Listing 8.22 C# code for code-behind Hello application
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In the following query, we work on a specific Publisher instance and use it in a way similar to how we d use a sequence of Publisher objects:
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In the main MallocDebug window, click the Browse button, navigate the file system until you find the BuggyServer program (located under the build folder), and click the OK button. Enter the port 4444 into the Arguments text field. Before running the program, make sure no other BuggyServer process is running. Click the Launch button to run the server under MallocDebug. Go back to the shell you were using and enter this command:
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Search and Retrieve Core Data with Criteria
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It should include ASP.NET web sites as well as Windows Forms applications. It should involve queries to local data stores as well as to external data sources, such as public web services.
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CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
The second option is to use Expression.Disjunction() together with Expression. Conjunction():
CHAPTER 19: iTunes on Your iPad
Writing report queries
XQuery is a handy query language when you know the structure of your XML document in advance, because you can specify the hierarchical path structure to get to the elements you are interested in. But what happens when you don t know the XML document structure in advance In some cases you might want to grab the names and values of the elements in your XML document no matter where they occur. In those cases, you can take advantage of the xml data type s .nodes() method and XQuery wildcard querying. In XQuery, the asterisk (*) can stand in as a wildcard in your path expressions. The example in listing 17 grabs the XML namespace, name, and text content of every element in any XML document. The results are shown in figure 9.
Yes, we are that lazy.
You can also connect to Google Docs and other servers with GoodReader. Follow these steps to do so. 1. 2. In the Web Downloads tab, choose Connect to Servers. Select Google Docs. (You can select a number of different servers: mail servers, MobileMe iDisk, Public iDisk, Dropbox, box.net, FilesAnywhere.com, MyDisk.se, WebDAV Server, and FTP Servers.) Enter your Google Docs username and password to log in. Once you've made the connection, a new Google Docs Server icon will appear under the Connect to Server tab on the right-hand side of the page. Tap the new Google tab to connect to the server (an Internet connection is required). Now you'll see a list of all the documents you have stored on Google Docs. Tap any document and select the file type to download it. Usually PDF works well for this. (Google docs will do a save as and PDF files are easier to work with.) Once the file is downloaded, it will appear on the left-hand side of GoodDocs, and you can simply touch it to open it.
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