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Incremental loads in SSIS
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CHAPTER 19: Working with Contacts
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340 / 32 = 10.625
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Table 13.2 AzMan model vs. RS role-based security model RS Role-Based Equivalent Permission Task Role N/A Role Assignment
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Attempts to assign outside the bounds of an array will result in a range error. This is because PowerShell arrays are based on .NET arrays and they are of fixed size. So how can I add more elements to a PowerShell array if the underlying objects are fixed in
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Calendar Ch. 20
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When using the Business Data column, the field will also be displayed in the Document Information panel in Microsoft Office when you create a document within the library where the Business Data column is used. The Document Information panel can be modified and have logic added to it using Microsoft InfoPath. This is something we ll be doing later on in the book. Another major benefit of BDC is the search. Although you could previously search documents and list items using SharePoint, Business Data has been added as a content source to crawl, so you can also configure SharePoint to search the underlying data itself, even if it s stored in Oracle, SQL, or SAP.
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support for extension modules. RSS 1.0 was well received. It was adopted by the popular Movable Type blogging system and as a result is still in widespread use. Let s take a close look at it, starting with the sample RSS 1.0 newsfeed shown in listing 4.2. This feed is taken from the specification itself. Some optional elements have been removed for the sake of brevity.
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Optimistic and pessimistic locking compared An optimistic approach always assumes that everything will be OK and that conflicting data modifications are rare. Instead of being pessimistic and blocking concurrent data access immediately (and forcing execution to be serialized), optimistic concurrency control only blocks at the end of a unit of work and raises an error. Both strategies have their places and uses, of course. Multi-user applications usually default to optimistic concurrency control and use pessimistic locks when appropriate. Note that the duration of a pessimistic lock in NHibernate is a single database transaction! This means you can t use an exclusive lock to block concurrent access longer than a single database transaction. We consider this a good thing, because the only solution would be an extremely expensive lock held in memory (or a so-called lock table in the database) for the duration of, for example, a conversation. This is almost always a performance bottleneck; every data access involves additional lock
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Of course, you ll need to provide the correct computer name instead of Server-R2. Assuming you enabled remoting on that computer, that you re all in the same domain, and that your network is functioning correctly, you should get a connection going. PowerShell lets you know that you ve succeeded by changing the shell prompt:
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The SaveViewState method returns the current state of the Web Part in this case, the value of counter. The counter value will then be retrieved after the postback by the overridden LoadViewState method, implemented as follows, before the CreateChildControls:
package com.manning.blogapps.chapter17; import java.io.*; import java.util.*; import com.ecyrd.jspwiki.*; import org.relayirc.chatengine.*; import com.ecyrd.jspwiki.providers.FileSystemProvider; import com.manning.blogapps.chapter10.blogclient.*; public class ChatBlogger extends ServerAdapter { private Blog blog; private Server server; private WikiContext context; private String chat_channel; private List categories = new ArrayList();
Figure 2 9. Switching between Letters, Numbers, and Advanced Symbol keyboards.
CHAPTER 11: Working with Tilemaps
Objective-C 2.0 Goodies
but won t cut it if your function is declared to return a value:
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They also require virtual methods to handle the interfaces:
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