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Numbers Spreadsheet
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In PowerShell it looks like:
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That creates a small XML file that lists the snap-ins you loaded into the shell. Now, you ll want to create a new PowerShell shortcut somewhere. The target of that shortcut should be
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Preview the report again using the Preview tab and note that the report is generated for the default year of 2004, and the Select Year field is now a drop-down list from which the user can pick one of the available values. With RS you are not restricted to static available values. You can make the list data driven by basing it on a query or expression. If it is query based, you can specify which dataset column to use for the default value. If the query results in more than one row, the first one is used. Next, let s see how to implement a data-driven lookup list based on a dataset retrieved from a stored procedure call.
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CHAPTER 14: Game Center
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With the above in place, you should be able to build and run your application, and it will just work! You ll see the old data that you had previously stored with the 7
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Next, you will see a window on your screen for some time (longer if your library is large) that says the Genius feature is starting up (see Figure 30 18).
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PS >> >> >> >> >> (3) > $a = add-member -pass -in $a scriptmethod sum { $r=0 foreach ($e in $this) {$r += $e} $r }
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tion. A sorted set, which behaves like Iesi.Collections.SortedSet, is mapped in a similar way:
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This section lists the full three-part name of the procedure that the process was running. If the call was ad hoc SQL, rather than a stored procedure, then the procname will read adhoc. The line number indicates on which line of the procedure the specific SQL statement starts. If the line number is 1, it s a strong indication that the specific SQL statement is a piece of dynamic SQL. The statement start and statement end values specify the offsets within the procedure where the query starts and ends. The sql_handle can be used with the sys.dm_exec_sql_text DMF to get the SQL statement from the server s procedure cache. This usually isn t necessary, as most of the time the statement is reproduced in full in the deadlock graph right below this line. The input buffer lists either the entire query (for ad hoc SQL) or the database ID and object ID for a stored procedure:
While Game Center is searching for a match, you should give the user visual feedback, like an animated progress indicator, because finding a match can take several seconds or even minutes. That s where the CCProgressTimer class comes in handy, which I
SynchroSynchronizationLockException is an exception raised when a Moninizationtor method, other than Enter and TryEnter, is invoked from code that LockException
Now we ll dot the script.
You could add characters directly to the char_frequency table, and because the table has a char(2) column, you could add two-character sequences as well. But because the bitmask is at best a bigint value, you cannot have more than 63 different weights. Mainly to see the effect, I filled char_frequency with all the two-letter sequences in the data (save those with the at (@) and period (.) characters ). In total, there are 561. I then wrote the procedure build_big_bitmask_sp, which generates a version of char_bitmask that returns a binary(80) column. Finally, I wrote the procedure bit_search_three which uses this big bitmask. Strangely enough, the & operator does not support binary types, so I had to chop up the big bitmask into 10 bigint values using substring, resulting in unwieldy code. On my machine it took 1 hour to create the index on SQL 2005, and on SQL 2008 it was even worse: 90 minutes. The total size of the index is 114 MB, a little more than the fragments_personlists table. The good news is that bit_search_three performs better for the string aam although it s slower for the full email address:
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