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This query returns instances of BillingDetails and its subclasses. Likewise, the following criteria query returns all persistent objects:
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You can also specify whether to back up to a specific backup device or create a new backup device (file) for each backup. Most often, you want the latter, because this will allow for the removal of old backup files. Note, though, that the removal of old backup files is performed in a separate task, not in this task. I ve been to several installations where the disks were approaching full because there was no function to remove old backup files. You can also decide to verify the backup after it is produced, which uses the RESTORE VERIFYONLY command. An option to include the CHECKSUM option for the backup command in the MP backup task is not available, so the information the verification has to work with is somewhat limited. Performing backup using the CHECKSUM option is a best practice, but unfortunately MPs do not allow us to do that.
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SystemColors A sealed class that provides Color objects for the colors configured in the local Windows operating system. For example, the SystemColors.Control property returns the color configured for filling the surface of controls. Similar classes also exist for Brush, Pen, and Icon objects based on the local system configuration. Color Stores a color value. A number of static colors are defined, such as Color.Red, or a custom color can be created from an alpha component value and a set of RGB values. A two-dimensional point as an integral x and y coordinate. A two-dimensional point as a floating point x and y coordinate. Stores the location and size of a rectangular region within a two-dimensional area. All coordinates are integral values. Represents the size of a rectangular region as an integral width and height. Represents the size of a rectangular region as a floating point width and height.
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Practical auditing in SQL Server 2008
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Figure 10-4. An existing MOM enviroment
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Notice that the Name column contains an entry that is set to <No Name>. This lets you know that the thread currently does not have a name. The Location column contains the method the selected thread is currently executing. The small arrow on the left side indicates the current thread that the debugger is viewing. Since we have not started any other threads there is only one thread in the process, so it makes sense that it would be the active thread. The ID column contains the operating system thread identifier. This identifier is unique to a thread and will likely change on each execution. We will cover Priority and Suspend in sections 5.5 and 5.6 respectively. As you can see in figure 5.3, once we ve assigned the Name property the value of "Main" the Thread window updates.
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Shared assemblies and versioning Under .NET, the format of an assembly s version number is <major number>.<minor number>.<build number>.<revision number>, as we see in table 2.2.
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Working with subreports The subreport item defines a placeholder that points to another report. Usually, you opt for subreports when you need to reuse an existing report. Subreports are a popular reporting technique used to display separate groups of data with many reporting tools, such as Microsoft Access. With RS, you should consider using nested data regions instead of subreports for performance reasons. If you use a subreport within your report, the Report Server has to process both reports separately. This is less efficient than using a single report with two regions. However, sometimes you won t have a choice. For example, nested data regions have a restriction that they must use the same dataset. If you want to use different datasets that need to display correlated data, then the only choice is to create a subreport. We look at subreports in more detail in section 4.6.
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Property Runtime appearance
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'' draw the entity Set objEnt = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddEllipticalCylinder(dblCenter, _ dblXAxis, dblYAxis, dblHeight) objEnt.Update ThisDrawing.SendCommand "_shade" & vbCr End Sub
32768 to +32767 2,147,483,648 to +2,147,483,647 Approximately 1.4E-45 to 3.4E+48 Approximately 4.94E-324 to 1.8E+308 922,337,203,685,477.5808 to +922,337,203,685,477.5807
Figure 11 Accessing the local intranet zone s security settings
-(void) leaderboardViewControllerDidFinish:(GKLeaderboardViewController*)viewController { [self dismissModalViewController]; [delegate onLeaderboardViewDismissed]; }
main() declares an array of 13 ints named rolls. rolls will keep track of the 11 possible
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